Jan 22, 2021

What should we do about empty offices and increased flexibility?

Tele2 together with Sifo conducted a study with 3000 participants during 2020 to shed light on the future of office work after the pandemic, and the results where fascinating. It is clear that flexible working hours, where employees can work effectively both from home and from the office will be the new normal, even after the pandemic is over. This creates challenges for modern companies regarding facility utilization and management of workplaces. But there is no need to worry, Flowscape got you covered.

Prior to Corona, 14% of total work time was from home, today it is 60% (0,7 days/week to 3 days/week). This raises questions about how we will manage our facilities. Yes, employees will work more from home after the pandemic, 36% of work hours according to Tele2, or even as much as 75% of work hours. What will happen with all the office space? All the workstations and all the meeting rooms?

One solution that a facility manager may propose is minimizing the office space, maybe closing a floor, or a whole building in order to save on future costs. But this can have consequences. Employees will still need to meet, and people tend to operate in herding behavior, meaning that most people will work from home Monday and Friday (34% and 45%) and gather the remaining days. Without planning, analytics, and modernized office solutions, you will either have a cramped office or an empty one. The result? Facilities will need to be retained even when utilization decreases.

Flowscape provides comprehensive solutions that makes it possible to manage desk booking, room booking and employee presence. As the study found, 20% of managers wants to regulate what day employees works from home, something that is possible through effective desk booking. By using these methods, together with Flowscape’s analytic tools, your company can save at least 30% of your facility costs. Enabled by our unique sensor technology, the management of your company can receive comprehensive reports on what rooms and desks are used, when they are used and to what extent they are used. Based on the data, you can minimize your office space without interfering with the workflow of your employees.

Having flexible office hours can enhance productivity and help employees manage their day to-day life, modern office solutions like Flowscape can help you make this transition smooth and cost effective. Read more about our solutions below.

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