Sep 23, 2021

Automate your desk management with automatic desk check-in

busy light placed on a desk showing the desk as available with two people chatting in the background in a modern office environment.

Further automating the booking process is an important step to bridge the gap between virtual software solutions and real-life office environments. Providing automatic check in capabilities for desks at your office can greatly enhance the overall experience of using desk management tools, and simultaneously provide correct utilization data for office optimization.  In this Blog post, we cover some of the key benefits of using an automated desk check-in.

Automatic Check-in

In one way or another, employees need to confirm a booking within a time window so resources can be released after a no-show. If not, the desk booking system can seem unreliable, and further discourage employees from using the system. This confirmation has traditionally been done via e-mail or push notification. However, this requires additional steps from the employee which is an ineffective way of managing check-in. Employees can be preoccupied or in a rush which makes manual check-in functions less user friendly in the long run.

An automated desk check-in system will automatically confirm a booking as soon as a laptop is connected to the right desk withing the time window, overall reducing the number of tasks an employee needs to perform to book desks in the office.

Ad-Hoc Claiming

Automated desk check-in can also greatly enhance ad-hoc bookings. If a desk is not booked, it is common that an employee decides to take it on the spot without making a booking. With an automatic check-in function, the person does not need to go into a smart phone app to book a desk, instead it will be automatically booked in their name when the laptop is connected. This makes sure that ad-hoc bookings are visible during the day and that utilization data shows correct estimates.

Desk utilization statistics

Unlike having a desk motion sensor measuring when someone is sitting by the desk, or software only, an automated desk check-in system measure presence by detecting if someone is using the keyboard or mouse. This is automatically done with the software on the laptop. Since we know which desk the laptop was connected to, we also know who was sitting there which can help analyze users and user group behaviors to help guide Hybrid models.

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