Apr 19, 2022

How adopting the Hybrid workplace model reduces costs

To reduce costs across the board, companies should consider integrating the hybrid workplace model and use desk booking software.

As employees make their return to the office and the pandemic moves towards becoming endemic, companies are faced with a new set of challenges. Employees have become accustomed to working at home and are cited as being happier with a remote work model, and companies would like for employees to return to the office to manage output.

What is Hybrid Working?

By engaging in a hybrid workplace model with tools like Flowscape, companies have the opportunity to reduce costs and keep their employees satisfied.

Throughout the course of the pandemic we saw different companies grow in size and they have not acquired more office space to fit the scale of their companies. By integrating Flowscape, companies can manage and book desk space adequately so that they can have a minimal office space for a larger staff. Managing the workflow of a larger staff can reduce cost of rent significantly.

Employer vs. Employee experience

Contrarily, some companies have downsized as a result of the pandemic and have too much office space. Again, by using Flowscape tools companies can get perspective on how to bend and flex their office spaces to be cost effective. Flowscape allows companies to downsize their office space and increase productivity.

The solutions you need to reduce Office Space

Other cost considerations include food—snacks, coffee, and meals. Today’s leading tech giants offer food and a number of amenities on campus. By leveraging work flow, companies have less people to tend to and have the ability to reduce the cost of amenities at the office.

With a minimal in person presence companies can also save money on parking. By booking a limited number of desks at any given time you lessen the need for larger parking lots. This keeps costs low when it comes to employee parking arrangements.

Shared conference rooms also work to reduce cost. With the ability to manage workflow in advance companies no longer need multiple conference rooms to gather. By carefully booking meetings overlap and double booking can be avoided. The need for extra space is mitigated, maximizing the efficiency of the office space.

Increased employee satisfaction leads to more productivity and less employee turnover rate. As the pandemic eases it’s no secret that workers have taken a liking to working remotely. While this sometimes places a greater stress on management as they cannot control output as closely, the fact is the employees are much happier with the option to work from home. A middle ground option that works for management and employees is adopting the hybrid workplace model. When employees are satisfied they will be less likely to leave, therefore reducing re-hire and employee turnover costs.

How smart office technology can enhance the employee experience

Lastly, while we are all eager for the pandemic to end, leading sources confirm that it is not yet over. This means that by ensuring less traffic at the workplace, there is less of a need for personal protective equipment and any other additional sanitizing products that can add extra cost to the workday. By limiting the number of people working at any given time, employees and employers are guaranteed a healthy workplace and workflow at a lower price.

To reduce costs across the board, companies should consider integrating the hybrid workplace model and use desk booking software like Flowscape to reduce friction when it comes to scheduling onsite work days for employees.

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