Mar 21, 2022

Parking & accessibility - Flowscapes’ parking solution

Each day, millions of workers plan their route to work. Some take public transportation and others drive. There are also workers with special needs. Flowscapes’ parking solution helps workers make their commute as easy as possible.

By adopting a hybrid workplace model, company leadership can manage a consistent and effective workflow. They can limit the amount of desks, conference rooms, and parking spaces that are available to ensure a safe environment. Part of maintaining a steady flow is reserving parking spots so as to not conflict with neighboring businesses and to secure a smooth arrival.

How to maximize efficiency in the Hybrid workplace

By planning parking, management is also able to reserve parking for disabled employees. In mapping out parking accessibility, workplace leadership can create an environment that is accessible to all.

Flowscapes’ parking solution is feature-rich and designed to be extremely user friendly. It’s mobile and web interfaces are extremely intuitive and easy to use.

By integrating the parking solution workers are able to:

  • Check if there are any available parking spaces available at your office
  • Book parking spaces on arrival or in advance
  • Book parking spaces on behalf of others
  • Allow ad-hoc parking through the use of parking sensors
  • Assign parking spaces permanently to specific employees
  • Apply parking rules for specific teams
  • Indicate which parking spaces have an electric charging port
  • Visually identify available parking spaces with busy lights
  • Analyze parking space utilization with parking sensors
  • Report any issues encountered with individual parking space

Integrating Flowscapes’ parking solution helps manage company employee overflow. During the pandemic many employees left their jobs in search of higher paying more flexible options. This means that many companies have doubled or tripled in size.

Introducing the concept of Parking Management

As companies continue to grow, their office spaces and their parking lots may not. This means that managing overflow is key to operating a fluid business. With the integration of flowscapes’ products, mainly the parking solution, companies can save money on rent by managing their workflow. Half of the employees may be booked on any given day as opposed to the full staff which would outsize the office space.

As individuals continue to leave their places of work, npr cites that employees are valuing flexibility, time, and higher pay more. This means that gradually, workers are demanding a shift to a hybrid workplace model.

“We have changed. Work has changed. The way we think about time and space has changed,” says Tsedal Neeley, a professor at Harvard Business School and author of the book Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding From Anywhere.

There is no comparison when it comes to Flowscapes’ parking solution. It is the best tool available to integrate an organized and stress free parking experience at all offices across the globe.

Paired off with desk and conference room booking and organization Flowscape is a tool that creates a hybrid working model that will increase productivity and maximize output at companies globally.

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