Feb 4, 2021

Sensors for Desk Management - What you should choose and why

Man installing Flowscape's indoor positioning beacon in a modern office.

When establishing a new desk booking system in your office, it is important to consider what type of hardware options to choose to create an effective and inspiring work environment. Flowscape provides a wide variety of hardware options that can be individualized after your specific needs. In this blog, we will go through the different desk management solutions and what type of hardware is necessary to set up your new hybrid workplace system.

The Flowmap

Firstly, the Flowscape software system, the Flowmap is always necessary when creating a desk booking system. The Flowmap is an interactive map of your office, showing all the available desks, meeting rooms, colleagues, and utilities. If you are mainly interested in having fixed seating in your office, the Flowmap can be made to only display desks without making them bookable. However, sensors can be used in this case to indicate to other employees that a colleague is present at their desk. Even when you have fixed seating, desk presence sensors can greatly enhance the overall efficiency in your office.

The Flowmap can also be used to book meeting rooms, see availability status on ad-hoc rooms or to find colleagues. But if you want to have a desk hoteling or a hot desking solution, sensor technology and busy lights are needed to create a seamless experience in your office.

Solutions for Desk Hoteling

Desk hoteling refers to desks that are bookable, either ad-hoc or in advance. The Flowscape desk management system allows employees to book desks in advance, or even a desk for several days if needed. This can of course be customized depending on what your specific needs are. Desk hoteling can be managed via the app or webapp where desks can be reserved by only clicking a button. Even though all bookings can be managed by the desk management software, sensors can greatly enhance the overall utility of the desk booking system.

Why you should use desk booking software

The desk presence sensor enables the collection of data on how your desks are being utilized, while also improving workplace satisfaction. The sensor senses when someone is seated and turns the desk red on the map. But how is that beneficial if employees book

The desk presence sensor can give you valuable information about how your desks are utilized. If you only use statistics over the booked desks in your office, the numbers will be
misleading. A booked desk where the booker goes in and out of meetings, or leaves to take a sales meeting in another building, is not utilizing their desk. With a desk presence sensor, it is possible to see how much a desk is actually used.

If booked desks are used only 40% of the booked time, it can be worth considering turning them into hot desking seats, maximizing the utility of your office. Having a desk presence sensor can also communicate when the employee is present at the desk, therefore making it easy for other colleagues to know if it is worth to go over if something is needed. The desk presence sensor can therefore make collaboration within the office more manageable.

Solutions for Hot Desking

When adapting a hot desking solution in your office, sensors are needed to give information about the occupancy of the desks. Use a desk presence sensor to indicate if someone is seated. The sensor will then turn the desk red on the map so everyone knows that it is occupied.

Why is Hot Desking so Beneficial?

You can also use an USB Desk Check-in Sensor. The USB Desk Check-in sensor is an ingenious solution that automatically books the desk when a laptop is connected at the workplace. The system will also know who has taken the desk and their name will be indicated on the Flowmap. This is a perfect solution if you have workstations with screens and keyboards. This also makes it easy for employees to find their colleagues even if hot desking is available.

Both the USB Desk Check-in Sensor and the Desk Presence Sensor are necessary for hot desking to work smoothly in your office. If you have a desk hoteling solution, they are both highly recommended. You can read more about sensors for Desk Hoteling here.

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