Virtual Panel

Book a room or a desk directly with your phone (coming soon!)

A virtual booking experience

Flowscape's innovative Virtual Panel is a small tag with a QR-code adhered on a desk or outside a room. Simply scan the QR-code and immediately book the resource. 

scan virtual panel

A virtual room panel in your pocket

The Virtual Panel is a more affordable option for our panels. Adhered outside the meeting room and once scanned, the room panel interface displays onto the mobile’s screen. The interface indicates the equipment inside and you can book the room with a few clicks thanks to the user-friendly design.

equiptment selected phone

For every kind of meeting

You can also see the room’s booking schedule for the day with the Virtual Panel, which makes it perfect for meetings later during the day as well as ad hoc meetings.

meeting room 4ppl

Book a desk immediately

To book a desk with the Virtual Panel, simply scan the QR-code on the desired desk with your mobile. The Flowscape app will automatically open and show the desk on the map so you can book it immediately. Book a desk for a while or the whole day.

virtual panel -  on desk

Visualize availability

With Flowscape’s Busy Light on your desks and outside the rooms, to let everyone se at a glance the availability status. No need to waste time, a quick look around and you will locate a vacant resource.

Get back to the office busy lights

Easy to install

The tag simply needs to be adhered to any surface outside the meeting room or on the desk.

virtual panel

Technical Specification

Phones supported

All iPhones and most Android phones


50 x 50 mm


Mount on any smooth wall or desk surfaces, including glass, with double adhesive tape

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