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Building Messaging Solution

Flowscape's Building Messaging Solution provides effective crisis communications and location-based notifications within the building

Powerful Messaging Platform

Flowscape offers a versatile and modern cloud-based messaging platform. With this platform, you can send texts, voice clips, pictures, videos, or files to a pre-defined group or to everyone within a defined geofence, such as a specific building.

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Mobile Messaging Board

Empower every employee with a digital signage in their pocket. Choose whether to communicate with everyone or only employees present in the office on the day. Utilize the geofence functionality to target specific buildings exclusively.

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Crisis Communication

With Flowscape's solution, you can instantly reach everyone within seconds. Messages can be delivered through silent mode on mobile devices and sent over multiple networks simultaneously. You also have the flexibility to send alarm messages to employees in specific locations or pre-defined groups.

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Multi-Channel Notification

In the event of an emergency, we utilize multiple networks for communication. We send alarms simultaneously through mobile IP messages, SMS, and email, while also triggering alarm screens on digital signage within the office.

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Geofence Based Notifications

The geofence based notification is perfect when you need to react very locally to any incident or emergency. It means you can communicate quickly with employees only in the impacted office, city or country.

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Easy to Deploy

The cloud-based solution utilizes employees' smartphone and can be deployed within hours.

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Key functionalities


Locate or send a message to colleagues in a specific geographic zone. Colleagues can also request being tracked when they are in a less safe environment.

Role design

Designed with well-defined roles for all users, ensuring that the right information reaches the right people at the right time.


Is designed to be a fully comprehensive, safe, secure communications solution.

Case management

Built around a case in its entirety, following each case from its creation by a particular user to its ultimate resolution and outcome.

Rich media messaging

Everyone can see and share HD photos and videos, sound clips, files, text and places.


All data generated during communications is automatically archived and easy to use. Ensuring that every interaction is fully traceable in order to provide data for further scrutiny and analysis.

SMC - Social Media Communication

Inspired by social media, we have created a more intuitive approach to incident management. Everyone can share content and interact with it.

SAM - Situational Awareness Management

Designed to recognize and manage incidents as and when they occur. We call it situational awareness management (SAM).


Use your smartphone as an alarm with the highest priority. Direct it to one or several recipients. The solution is designed to fit the devices your staff already own and know how to use.

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