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About Flowscape

Flowscape Technology is the happy marriage between the companies Flowscape and Crowdsoft Technology and is registered on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

We embrace the idea of the modern office. At the same time, we have a strong aversion to the friction caused by not optimizing the workplace. Friction leads to decreased productivity, hampered work relations, and lower overall wellbeing. And as a result, a vast number of hidden costs.

Flowscape was founded in 2011 by Ph.D. Peter Reigo and Johan Hägerlöf, who previously used to work for big corporations. There, they discovered the flip side of working in a large and open office space. They decided to do something about friction in these environments in order to maximize the workplace experience.

We also believe that the digital communication between colleagues and other parties is of great importance. Today we find it either a security risk or very complex and challenging. We prefer swift, safe, and easily accessible communication. Crowdsoft started out with this vision when the product C-One was conceived in 2014 and the belief has grown stronger with time.

At the core of our company, you find world-leading technology know-how. But frankly. We know that it is not about technology. It is not about impressive specs or advanced algorithms. It’s about the comprehension that everybody wants to do a good job and not waste time on things that shouldn’t take time. And that we all long for connection and collaboration, whether physical or digital. Flowscape exists to reduce time-wasting and tear down barriers for interaction. To create secured communication adapted to the world of today. And more than anything, to make employees around the world love working at modern offices.

This is why we get up in the morning.

Do you wanna join the quest?

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