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Desk Management

A Desk Management Solution is your ally when transitioning to flexible seating

Desk Management for the Hybrid Office

Efficiently manage desks on an ad hoc basis using sensors or book them in advance through the FlowPlanner or FlowMap. The Flowscape Desk Booking Software is a feature-rich and user-friendly solution designed to accommodate both hybrid and traditional offices, making it the perfect choice for businesses whose employees prefer to come into the office, work from home, telecommute, or travel.

Our Desk Management Solution

  • Efficient desk management: Streamline desk bookings, including advanced and on-behalf reservations, with flexible booking rules based on zones.
  • Enhanced workplace safety: Easily enforce social distancing by blocking and unblocking desks, generating cleaning reports, and facilitating COVID tracing reports.
  • Optimal desk selection: Find suitable desks based on equipment availability, check seat availability, and utilize Colleague Finder to locate team members.
  • Data-driven insights: Analyze desk utilization, view team members' office presence schedules, and report equipment errors for continuous improvement.

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Redesign your workspace with Hot Desking Solutions for maximum teamwork

Other Perks with our Solution

Unbeatable Desk Overview

Our 3D map provides an unbeatable overview of your office, displaying all desks and resources with clear color indication of desk availability – green for accessible and red for a booked desk.

Desk booking on FlowMap

Smart Desk Booking

Flowscape's smart desk booking system makes it easy to manage desks and ensures that everyone has access to the right equipment and workspace. With just a few clicks, you can reserve a desk for the day or the upcoming week.

Flowscape App interface and calendar

Automatic Check-In

Monitor and release desks if no one shows up. Use our USB Presence sensor to activate Flowscape's automatic desk check-in function so desks are released after a no-show. An effective way to show the correct availability status of desks without unnecessary administrative work.

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Easy Fault Reporting for Desks

You can use the fault reporting feature to instantly create support requests. The report is automatically routed to your chosen destination and a visual reminder will be displayed on the map to alert other users about the issue until it is resolved.

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Locate Desks Instantly with Wayfinding

All desk bookings made can be found under “my bookings” in the Flowscape app, which also shows the exact location of the desk. Whether the desk booking was made for you or by you, it will always be possible to find in just a few seconds with wayfinding.

App wayfinding

Find Colleagues

Once a desk is booked, the user's name will be displayed on the Flowmap. Refer to the map, use the search function, or view colleagues' future bookings via the FlowPlanner. Another way to efficiently locate colleagues, is via Flowscape's dynamic Colleague Finder capability supported by Bluetooth indoor positioning. Find colleagues when they are on-the-go! Each employee can choose to opt-in to be visible, then easily switch to become invisible again. Additionally, you have the flexibility to define invisible zones, such as the toilets, as needed.

overview map iOS

Drop-Down Desks

Want to have un-bookable desks? Our Presence sensors detect if someone is using a desk and shows it as red on the map. Our Busy lights can be set up to show if the desk is vacant or not from a distance.


Your Digital Workplace

Integrate to Other IT Systems​

Flowscape's cloud platform is built on the latest open-interface technology, making it easy to integrate our solution with your existing IT systems. We have a wide ecosystem of third-party solutions that we have successfully integrated with. Consult with our experts to explore how we can seamlessly integrate with your current installations.

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Multi-Tenant Buildings​

If you share a building with other organizations and utilize some of the same resources, Flowscape's system can efficiently handle multi-tenancy bookings. The system is configured to enable booking of both your own resources and the shared resources within the same building.

multi tenant building

Access Control

We can integrate Flowscape's system with your access control system, allowing you to restrict access only to employees who have booked a desk or room and have completed a health self-declaration.

access control

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A Desk Management System facilitates organizations to embrace flexible and activity-based workspaces. With a Desk Management System, employees can easily reserve workspaces that align with their specific work-life requirements, ensuring a seamless and productive experience.

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Key functionalities


Our 3D interactive maps will display all office resources and meeting spaces with clear color indications. Flowscape is the acknowledged market leader in terms of quality, user-friendliness, adaptability, and function.

Automatic Check-in

Employees are automatically checked-in to their booked resource - and resources are automatically released after a no-show. Check out our USB Desk sensor.

Flexible bookings

Book your desk from the desktop or mobile app. Use the search function by entering what features you need to locate a desk, or simply press on the desired desk on the map to book it. You can book a desk for the entire day, or for several hours.


The built-in Wayfinder in the mobile app and Kiosk Screen shows the most optimal route to all office resources. Personal bookings can be easily accessed through "My Bookings" in the Flowscape app.

Fault Reporting

Employees can send fault reports directly to property managers, cleaning staff, or reception with the mobile app.

Colleague Finder

View colleagues desk bookings to book resources close to them with Flowscape's built-in colleague finder or FlowPlanner.

Hardware for Desk management

Let's find the perfect solution for you

Our solution experts will design an optimum Space Management Solution that not only matches your current digital workplace requirements but also anticipates the future needs of your business. We provide relevant space data to give you a better picture of your space allocation.

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