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Collect presence and climate data with easily installed sensors

Room Presence Sensor

Collect accurate data on how your meeting rooms are being utilized with Flowscape's presence sensor installed inside the room. The sensor can also be used for drop-in rooms which automatically books the room when you enter. Read more here.

room booking system room precense sensor

Desk Presence Sensor

If installed on either bookable or hot desks, colleagues can see that you're at the desk once activated. Read more about the sensor here. For a stronger visual indicator on desk availability and colleagues' presence, add Busy Lights.

desk sensor

Zone Sensor

Perfect for gaining valuable information on how busy common zones are at specific times, like the canteen. Read more here.

desk sensor

Climate Sensor

A good office climate is essential for employees to be productive. Collect data about the temperature, ambient noise, humidity, CO2 and VOC with our climate sensor.​ Read more here.

climate sensor

Easy to install

Depending on the size of the office, installation can be done within days, sometimes even within hours.

install presence sensor

Complementary solutions

Want to learn more?

Interesting to know how Flowscape's sensors can help your office? Please contact us for more information or to request a demo.