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Parking Management Solution

Effortlessly reserve and oversee the parking spots at your office

Efficient Car Parking for any office environment

The Flowscape Parking Management solution offers a range of advanced features and a user-friendly interface, all aimed at enhancing employees' parking experience at the office. With its intuitive mobile and web interfaces, your staff can effortlessly locate and reserve parking spaces ahead of time or upon reaching the office. Detailed parking reports provided by the solution offer valuable insights into space utilization, enabling you to effectively manage and optimize these resources.

Flowscapes’ Parking Management Solution

  • Real-time parking availability and booking: Easily check for available parking spaces at your office and make bookings either in advance or upon arrival. You can even reserve parking spaces on behalf of others.
  • Flexible and efficient parking management: Take advantage of ad-hoc parking options facilitated by parking sensors, allowing for convenient parking as needed. Additionally, assign parking spaces permanently to specific employees and apply parking rules tailored to individual teams.
  • Electric charging point and visual indicators: Identify parking spaces that are equipped with electric charging points, enabling easy access for electric vehicles. Visual indicators such as busy lights are provided to visually identify available parking spaces at a glance.
  • Comprehensive parking analysis and issue reporting: Gain valuable insights into parking space utilization through advanced parking sensors, enabling you to analyze and optimize parking allocation. If any issues are encountered with individual parking spaces, the system allows for easy reporting and resolution.

Parking management

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Other Perks with our Solution

Parking Space Booking Process

Flowmap, our interactive 3D map with vibrant colors, provides a comprehensive view of all available parking spaces. Accessible through web browsers on desktops as well as iOS and Android mobile apps, you can conveniently book parking spaces in advance or upon arrival at the office. Our intuitive color scheme simplifies the status indication: green for available spaces, red for booked spaces, and grey for non-bookable or blocked spaces.

Parking Management booking through App

Ad-hoc Parking

For those who prefer offering parking without prior booking, the installation of parking sensors is recommended. These sensors assist users in identifying available spaces in real-time. When a vehicle occupies a space, it is displayed as red on the Flowmap, while a vacated space is shown as green. Additionally, Busy lights can be deployed to visually indicate the availability of parking spaces, illuminating in green as a signal to approaching vehicles.

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Parking Rules

Flowscape's versatile booking rules allow you to introduce restrictions, ensuring that specific departments or individuals can book parking spaces within designated zones. To prevent ghost bookings, the solution offers a check-in functionality that can be activated. You can easily configure these settings through Flowscape's admin portal, providing flexibility and control over parking allocations.

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Fault Reporting for Parking Spaces

Should you encounter any issues with a parking space, our Flowscape mobile app offers a convenient fault reporting feature. By creating a support request, you can notify the appropriate recipient or service management system. The map will visually indicate the reported issue, alerting other users until it is resolved. This ensures efficient communication and prompt resolution of parking space-related concerns.

Parking report issue

Your Digital Workplace

Integrate to Other IT Systems​

Flowscape's cloud platform is built on the latest open-interface technology, making it easy to integrate our solution with your existing IT systems. We have a wide ecosystem of third-party solutions that we have successfully integrated with. Consult with our experts to explore how we can seamlessly integrate with your current installations.

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Multi-Tenant Buildings​

If you share a building with other organizations and utilize some of the same resources, Flowscape's system can efficiently handle multi-tenancy bookings. The system is configured to enable booking of both your own resources and the shared resources within the same building.

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Access Control

We can integrate Flowscape's system with your access control system, allowing you to restrict access only to employees who have booked a desk or room and have completed a health self-declaration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A Parking Management System is a software that enables you to oversee one or multiple parking lots centrally. It uses sensors, and data sources to regulate parking lot occupancy. Real-time tracking of vehicles provides insights into peak demand and zone activity.

Parking management solution

Key functionalities


Our 3D interactive maps will display all office resources and meeting spaces with clear color indications. Flowscape is the acknowledged market leader in terms of quality, user-friendliness, adaptability, and function.

Flexible Bookings

Office Resources can be booked directly or in advance with just a few clicks. The system is flexible, and you can decide how long in advance a resource can be booked or only allow bookings made upon arrival.


The built-in Wayfinder in the mobile app and Kiosk Screen shows the most optimal route to all office resources. Personal bookings can be easily accessed through "My Bookings" in the Flowscape app.


Our custom build analytics portal gathers all your utilization and booking data on one single platform with the possibility to create custom views and export data to statistical programs of choice.

Fault Reporting

Employees can send fault reports directly to property managers, cleaning staff, or reception with the mobile app.

Presence Sensors

Flowscape uses wireless battery-operated sensors or USB Desk Sensors to collect accurate, granular real-time data about the precise utilization of every single resource throughout the day.

Hardware Options For Parking Management

Let's find the perfect solution for you

Our solution experts will design an optimum Space Management Solution that not only matches your current digital workplace requirements but also anticipates the future needs of your business. We provide relevant space data to give you a better picture of your space allocation.

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