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Empty offices? Occupancy data gaps? Fading company culture? We've got you!

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Seamless Technology Since 2011

Plan your week ahead, make reservations, check-in automatically, and get an office overview – all in one place! Flowscape's solutions are designed to cater to your hybrid workplace needs, whether your employees work remotely, full-time in the office, or anything in between.

Our 3D map provides an unbeatable overview of your office

The FlowMap

Imagine the experience of having all your office resources available at your fingertips, coupled with an unmatched 3D overview of the office. Flowscape is the undisputed market leader in terms of quality, user-friendliness, adaptability, and functionality.

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FlowPlanner allows employees to make decisions about office attendance based on available spaces, while simultaneously scanning colleagues’ future office attendance to plan collaboration on-site.


Our latest feature FlowPlanner allows employees to make decisions about office attendance based on available spaces, while simultaneously scanning colleagues’ future office attendance to plan collaboration on-site.

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ESG - Environmental, Social & Governance

Read our white paper on how companies can leverage Hybrid Work to enhance ESG compliance

Leveraging Hybrid Work to Enhance ESG Compliance

Plan Your Week Ahead With FlowPlanner

The Employee Experience

1. Plan Your Week Ahead

Book available seats next to your favorite colleagues and reserve meeting rooms for brainstorming sessions with team members in the FlowPlanner tool.

2. Find Your Reservation

Once you begin your day at the office, the Wayfinding tool will assist you to your booked seat and reserved meeting rooms for the day.

3. Check-in Automatically

Docking your laptop on arrival to your desk automatically confirms your booking thanks to the USB Desk sensor. In the event of a no-show, your desk will be released for someone else to reserve.

4. Office Overview

With the FlowMap at your fingertips via both your desk and mobile application, you can easily get an overview of the office landscape and see who's in for the day and which meeting rooms that are available.

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Benefits for the Management Team

1. Analyze Office Utilization

The FlowAnalytics tool allows the management team to get a complete overview of the office usage by collecting accurate, granular data with the help of advanced sensor technology.

2. Data-Driven Decisions

This way the management team can rest assured that all space management strategies are supported by data-driven decisions. No more need to shoot in the dark!

3. Implement Booking Rules

The Flowscape portal permits a high level of customization. What are the specific needs of your business? Create booking rules in the FlowPlanner that will make your business thrive!

Discover our Space Management Solutions

Flowscape provides a comprehensive solution specifically designed to manage hybrid work schedules, creating a seamless flow in each step of the space management process.

Hybrid workplace desk booking solution

Desk Booking

Our Desk Booking Solution is designed to streamline the desk booking process in hybrid workplace environments from start to finish. The system can be tailored to accommodate offices of any size.

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Metting in a hybrid office

Meeting Room Booking

Utilize our space management solution to visualize and schedule your meeting rooms, office spaces, and resources with unparalleled simplicity.

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Book parking spot with Flowscape's Mobile App

Parking Management

The Flowscape Parking Management solution is a feature-rich and user-friendly solution designed to enhance employees' car parking experience at the office.

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Flowmanager Analytics

Workplace Analytics

By utilizing FlowAnalytics, Flowscapes Workplace Analytics tool, Facility Managers can begin identifying trends and workflows that can serve as a foundation for future office changes.

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We have always been interested in the hybrid approach but lacked the tools to make it work. As an example, with more people working from home there is less need for individual workspaces. As space designers, we saw this inefficiency as a sign for change and optimization – a possibility to use the space to enhance collaboration.

Matthew Onken

IT Director at Lionakis

Reasons why companies choose Flowscape

End to end solution

Flowscape provides a comprehensive solution that comprises both software and hardware which is supported by a global delivery capability.


Flowscape is renowned as a market innovator in the digital workplace industry. Our latest product launches include USB Desk Check-in Sensor and FlowPlanner.

Best user interface

Flowscape is the acknowledged market leader in terms of quality of user interface, which is delivered by our high-impact 3D Flowmap.

For all company sizes

Flowscape is one of the few suppliers which can deliver a market leading basic Room Panel Solution up to a complete Digital Workplace Solution.

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