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Flowscape is the digital solution to optimize your workplace

Flowscape’s desk booking solution enables a COVID-safe environment to be configured in the office, with the ability to allocate desks for booking and to block other desks. Use the solution to conduct contact tracing and produce reports of used desks to cleaning staff.

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Reasons why companies choose Flowscape

End to end solution

Flowscape provides a comprehensive solution that comprises both software and hardware which is supported by a global delivery capability.


Flowscape is renowned as a market innovator in the digital workplace industry. Our latest product launches include Desk Dongle and Virtual Panel.

Best user interface

Flowscape is the acknowledged market leader in terms of quality of user interface, which is delivered by our high-impact 3D Flowmap.

Scalable Solution

Flowscape is one of the few suppliers which can deliver a market leading basic Room Panel Solution up to a complete Digital Workplace Solution.

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For small to midsize companies

Whether you are after room panels, a complete desk booking system or sensors for optimizing your office space, we can help you.

For corporations & global organizations

Flowscape’s solution has been deployed both in the head office of SMEs and also on a global basis for multi-nationals, who have utilized Flowscape to optimize their office portfolio and improve the workplace experience for their employees. Our solution meets rigid IT standards which has enabled the integration of our solution with corporate IT systems and their smart building solutions.

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Release the full potential of your agile workplace

Save time

Research undertaken prior to Covid-19 concluded that on average employees working in a large office can waste 15 min per day searching for available meeting rooms, desks or colleagues.

Reduce office space

The global based research also found that most companies only achieve about 50% utilization of their office space, while the best-in-class reached over 80%.

Attract top talents

Increasingly, discerning employees are ranking workplace experience among the most important criteria when selecting an employer.

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