visitor management

Visitor Management

From the invitation to the conclusion of the visit, we've got your back!

Visitors Management for the Smart Office

Flowscape's Visitor Management Solution takes care of the complete visitor experience. From streamlined check-ins to real-time notifications, it ensures a secure and welcoming environment. Enhance efficiency and visitor satisfaction with our comprehensive solution.

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What is Smart Office Software and why is it useful?

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Our Solutions in a Nutschell!

Book a Meeting

The solution automatically detects if a participant works for another organization and sends them a welcome email, while also automatically pre-booking them in the reception. When combined with our Room Booking Solution, the host can easily find the optimal meeting room based on our compatibility ranking.

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The Welcome E-mail

The welcome email includes all the essential information required before a visit, such as the address with Google wayfinding, the designated reception area for check-in, parking details, guest WiFi login information, and a QR visitor ticket for contactless check-in.

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Visitor Check-in

You have the option to use either the QR ticket for contactless check-in or the self-registration screen in the reception area. Upon check-in, a visitor badge is automatically printed, and a notification is sent to the host. The entire check-in process takes just a few seconds, and for check-out, simply scan the badge using a barcode reader.


Evacuation List

Upon check-in, the visitor is automatically added to an evacuation list for emergency purposes. Once checked-out, the visitor is automatically removed from the list. Additionally, Flowscape's Building Messaging Solution enhances safety by enabling instant communication with all occupants in the building during emergencies or incidents.

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Your Digital Workplace

Integrate to Other IT Systems​

Flowscape's cloud platform is built on the latest open-interface technology, making it easy to integrate our solution with your existing IT systems. We have a wide ecosystem of third-party solutions that we have successfully integrated with. Consult with our experts to explore how we can seamlessly integrate with your current installations.

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Multi-Tenant Buildings​

If you share a building with other organizations and utilize some of the same resources, Flowscape's system can efficiently handle multi-tenancy bookings. The system is configured to enable booking of both your own resources and the shared resources within the same building.

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Access Control

We can integrate Flowscape's system with your access control system, allowing you to restrict access only to employees who have booked a desk or room and have completed a health self-declaration.

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Key functionalities

Automated welcome e-mail

Automated pre-booking in reception

Automated printed visitor badge

Contactless check-in

Evacuation list

Issue parking permits

QR visitor ticket to open doors, speed gates and gates

Notification sent by SMS, e-mail, Teams or Slack

Pre-booking from the company intranet and Excel files

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