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Visitor Management Solution

Take care of the complete visitor experience - from the invitation to completion of the meeting

Book a meeting

The solution automatically detects if a participant works for another organization, and sends them a welcome e-mail and automatically pre-books them in the reception. Combined with our Room Booking solution, the host can find the optimum meeting room based on our compatibility ranking.

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Welcome e-mail

The welcome e-mail contains all the important information needed prior to a visit, including the address with Google wayfinding, the appropriate reception area for check-in, parking information, guest WIFI log-in, and a QR visitor ticket for contactless check-in.

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Visitor check-in

Either use the QR ticket for a contactless check-in or the self-registration screen in the reception area. A visitor badge is automatically printed and a notification is sent to the host. The whole check-in process is completed within seconds and for check-out, simply scan the badge to a barcode reader.

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Evacuation list

Upon checked-in, the visitor is also automatically added to an evacuation list in case of an emergency, and once checked-out, the visitor is automatically removed. Add Flowscape’s Building Messaging Solution as an additional safety capability, which facilitates instant communications with all present building users in the event of an emergency or incident.

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Key functionalities

Automated welcome e-mail

Automated pre-booking in reception

Automated printed visitor badge

Contactless check-in

Evacuation list

Issue parking permits

QR visitor ticket to open doors, speed gates and gates

Notification sent by SMS, e-mail, Teams or Slack

Pree-booking from the company intranet and Excel files

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