Enterprise grade panels that match your office and fit into your budget

Our two different panels

Match your office design

Flowscape's slim designed room panel is available in three standard colours, or why not choose to customize the colour or material so it matches your office decor? The Philips panel comes only in black.

large wall panel

Fit your budget

For the more budget-minded, the Philips panel is an enterprise grade 10-inch room panel with surrounding LED light. And if you have no budget for room panels, you should consider our Virtual Panel and Busy Light combination.

panel wall checkin  Philips

Highly visible LED light

The LED light surrounding the room panel makes it easy to see the status of the room from afar. Green means available, red is occupied, and yellow indicates that it will be occupied within the next 15 minutes.

Flowscape T230 Room panel with visible LED light

Landscape or portrait installation

Both room panels can be installed in landscape and portrait mode. However, only Flowscape’s own room panel will display the LED lights in portrait mode.

flowscape panel wall dark

Check-in with RFID​

Flowscape’s own panel has a built-in RFID/NFC reader which makes it possible to lock down the room panels in public environments. This functionality also enables bookings to be added in your personal calendar.

check in rfid

Desk stand included

A desk stand is included with the Philips panel for installation in huddle spaces where there is no wall.

panel on table

Complementary solution

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