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Collect accurate workplace utilization data of your office resources

Build data-based Space Management strategies

Collect accurate workplace utilization data of your office resources and build future space management strategies based on data-driven decisions. In this way, your team and company can make better-informed decisions regarding space utilization and workplace strategies, leading to better productivity and collaboration in your workplace.

What is Workplace Analytics?

Workspace analytics helps you understand which parts of your workplace are used most often and how. For example, Hot Desk utilization reports makes sure that you can improve desk usage. You can also use the information from the workplace analytics to plan for new spaces or even to reduce your overall footprint.

The workplace is a complex environment that requires careful planning and execution. The right tools help you and your company to make better decisions about how to manage it.

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Build data-based Space Management strategies and discover unused office space

To further help hybrid workplaces and the modern office better understand and analyze the usage of their office space, Flowscape provides detailed and easy-to-use workplace analytics integrated with our admin portal. FlowAnalytics gives your company a complete overview of all your offices, meeting rooms, and resources with key utilization metrics for each site, all the way down to specific floors or zones. Use our sensors to collect accurate, granular, real-time data about the precise utilization of every single resource throughout the day.

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With Flowscape's Workplace Analytics Solution, you will be able to

  • Collect accurate utilization data and analytics of your workplace and office resources.
  • Reduce real estate costs for your company.
  • Create Office space strategies based on accurate workplace analytics.
  • Produce and export detailed utilization and insights reports.
  • Right-size your office space for a hybrid workspace environment, and your teams need.
  • Increase the employee experience by creating a workspace they enjoy, and find ways for easy collaboration.

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Maximize your existing office space with the correct analytics

Collect accurate utilization Data with innovative Sensor Technology

Flowscape uses wireless battery-operated sensors to collect accurate, granular, real-time data about the precise utilization of every single resource throughout the day. The sensors are easy to deploy, battery supplied, connect wirelessly, and can run outside your IT infrastructure. Desks can also be equipped with USB Desk sensors that will give accurate usage data and enhance the end-user experience by automatically checking desks and presenting the name of the user on the office space map. The USB Desk sensor does not need any batteries or network.

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Build data-based Space Management strategies with FlowAnalytics

Identify the usage trends for your specific office and create an office that is both cost-efficient and optimized for employee needs. Flowscape's statistical portal, FlowAnalytics, is an integrated module to our application and allows you to view and analyze historical data about the utilization of various resources in your office.

Flowscape also offers extended analytic capabilities for multi-office companies and global corporations to centralize property management for better workplace management and reduce costs.

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Get a full overview of your spaces

Space overview helps you to easily see how many resources and buildings you have and how they are being used in real-time by your workforce. You can also get a direct overview of how many bookable and non-bookable spaces, how many sensors are installed, and where. Space overview is an excellent tool for building knowledge and understanding of your business real-estate portfolio to maximize both productivity and utilization of your office space.

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Understand your office Utilization with Workplace Analytics

In the more detailed utilization reports in FlowAnalytics, you will be able to analyze space utilization over time, see which days are the most popular, and see how many of your desk and meeting room bookings result in a no-show. You will be able to see detailed reporting on what hours have the highest utilization rate by your teams and workforce and will even be able to compare equipment to evaluate what type of equipment is the most popular.

All data can be exported in PDF or CVS format, giving you the opportunity to conduct your own analysis in a statistics program of choice.

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Why measure Office Utilization?

Right-size your office space for a hybrid work environment

As businesses start to return to the office and shift towards hybrid working and hot desking, it is expected that the average use of office space will settle at between 30% - 40%. Office design will likely need to change to reflect this shift from centralized to decentralized working, which represents a real opportunity for substantial cost savings and optimization for your company. Only by collecting real-time data and insights of important office resources from a workplace analytics solution can a business increase office utilization, get better occupancy information and decrease real estate costs.

Encourage collaboration across departments with hot desking

Retain your staff by optimizing their work environment

Retaining top talent will be increasingly more important in a mobile work environment – and the office environment will be one of the key tools to motivate people to stay and new talents to join. FlowAnalytics allows both FM and HR to analyze the workplace and its spaces based on popularity and make strategic decisions on how to optimize the office space usage after employee needs and preferences.

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Key Features

Detailed Resource Overview

See the exact number of available rooms and spaces across your offices, floors, and zones.

Average Utilization

View the average utilization for buildings, floors and zones for core hours, peak hours, or all hours.

Filter Functionality

Use the filter function to sort the data after date range, buildings, floors, zones our resource type to compare similarities and differences.

Detect Ghost Bookings

With Flowscape sensors installed, you can compare booking data with the actual utilization and detect ghost bookings.

Utilization Over Time

Analyze utilization over time for buildings, floors, and zones.

Top Rooms and Zones

See which rooms and zones that have the highest utilization, and which have the lowest.

Weekday Utilization

Analyze which days of the week have the highest utilization – and which weekdays have the lowest.

Customized Reports

The FlowAnalytics consists of several key reports for customer to gain insights in their office usage. Anyhow Flowscape can develop customized reports on demand.

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