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Accurately gather data on the utilization of your office resources in real-time

Optimize Your Office Space

At Flowscape, we understand the complexity of the modern workplace and the need for data-driven decision-making. FlowAnalytics, our Workplace Analytics Solution empowers you to collect accurate utilization data and gain valuable insights into your office resources. With streamlined processes and advanced analytics, you can unlock the full potential of your office.

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Put an end to guesswork and rely on data: What is occupancy intelligence?

Put an end to guesswork and rely on data

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Comprehensive Workplace Analytics Integration

Our intuitive and integrated workplace analytics module allows you to gain a complete overview of your offices, meeting rooms, and resources with key utilization metrics. From specific floors to individual zones, access detailed utilization reports to understand usage trends and optimize your office space.

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Maximize Efficiency and Reduce Costs

FlowAnalytics, enables you to reduce real estate costs by maximizing the utilization of your existing office space. Based on accurate workplace analytics, create data-backed strategies to right-size your office for a hybrid workspace environment. By optimizing resources and enhancing collaboration, you can improve productivity and decrease expenses.

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Accurate Data Collection with Innovative Sensor Technology

Leverage our wireless battery-operated sensors to collect real-time, granular data on resource utilization throughout the day. Easy to deploy and wirelessly connected, these sensors provide accurate insights without requiring complex IT infrastructure. USB Desk Presence Sensors further enhance the end-user experience by automating desk check-ins.

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Other Perks with our Solution

Detailed Reports and Exporting Capabilities

In-depth utilization reports in FlowAnalytics allow you to analyze space usage trends, identify popular days, and measure the effectiveness of desk and meeting room bookings. Evaluate utilization rates, compare equipment popularity, and gain valuable insights for decision-making. Export reports in PDF or CVS format for further analysis.

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Space Overview and Centralized Property Management

Visualize your spaces in real-time with the Space Overview feature. Monitor bookable and non-bookable spaces, sensor installations, and resource utilization at a glance. FlowAnalytics also offers extended capabilities for multi-office companies, enabling centralized property management and enhanced workplace optimization.

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Retain Top Talent with Optimized Work Environment

Create an engaging work environment that motivates employees to stay and attracts new talent. FlowAnalytics allows you to analyze workspace popularity, align spaces with employee preferences, and make strategic decisions based on employee needs. Enhance productivity, satisfaction, and retention by optimizing your office space.

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Key Features

Detailed Resource Overview

See the exact number of available rooms and spaces across your offices, floors, and zones.

Average Utilization

View the average utilization for buildings, floors and zones for core hours, peak hours, or all hours.

Filter Functionality

Use the filter function to sort the data after date range, buildings, floors, zones our resource type to compare similarities and differences.

Detect Ghost Bookings

With Flowscape sensors installed, you can compare booking data with the actual utilization and detect ghost bookings.

Utilization Over Time

Analyze utilization over time for buildings, floors, and zones.

Top Rooms and Zones

See which rooms and zones that have the highest utilization, and which have the lowest.

Weekday Utilization

Analyze which days of the week have the highest utilization – and which weekdays have the lowest.

Customized Reports

The FlowAnalytics consists of several key reports for customer to gain insights in their office usage. Anyhow Flowscape can develop customized reports on demand.

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