Workplace Analytics

Get accurate insights on how your workplace is being utilized with sensors and booking data

Save at least 30% of your facility cost

According to research, most offices around the world only achieve 50% resource utilization and only best-in-class reach 80%.

Accurate data for important decisions​

With Flowscape’s state of the art utilization sensors, you get precise data on your room and desk utilization by the hour over the workday, day by day during the week. This accuracy can only be achieved with sensor technology.

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Easy to order & install

Flowscape's wireless battery-operated sensors are easy to install. We use the open wireless LoRa network, with a LoRa gateway included as part of the package.

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Powerful analytics tool​

Get the data and graphs you need on desk and room utilization in Flowscape’s powerful analytics tool. Slice the data in the way you need it, or zoom from a monthly view to days or hours. The data can also be exported to Excel or your preferred BI tool.​

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Scalable solution​

Flowscape delivers a scalable solution where you can expand the installed Workplace Analytics Solution to also manage your office with user-friendly tools for room booking, desk booking, and more. ​

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