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The hybrid way of working will change the office design and size. Pre Covid, offices typically reached a utilization rate of only around 50%. As businesses start to plan their post-Covid office strategies, it is expected that average utilization will settle at between 30% - 40%. This will not be commercially or environmentally sustainable and most corporations needs to drastically reduce their office space. 

Analytics Dashboard


Flowmanager is built on a leading Bi Platform with the possibility to create custom views and export data to statistical programs of choice. The system can handle large amounts of data and multiple offices in one single platform. Flowscape also offers extended analytic capabilities for multi-office companies and global corporations to centralize property management. 

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Scalable solution​

Flowscape delivers a scalable solution where you can expand the installed Workplace Analytics Solution to also manage your office with user-friendly tools for room booking, desk booking, and more. ​

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Utilization Metrics

Flowmanager allows you to analyze difference in utilization for core hours, days of the week, time of day or fluctuations during a single day. Filter data for different buildings, floors, zones, rooms, desks, or parking spaces. Manage the collected data from a monthly, weekly, or daily view, or select a specific period you want to analyze. You can also compare the data to any time period before office changes were made.

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Covid Reports

Flowscape’s Workplace Analytics portal also provides advanced features to enable businesses to follow Covid-19 regulations. Administrators can create contact tracing reports if illness is registered. The system gives the administrator a list of bookings together with names so employees in close proximity to the outbreak can be alerted.

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Cleaning Reports

Flowscape´s workplace analytics portal also provides desk and room usage reports for cleaning staff. Simply give access to your cleaning staff and they can easily prioritize which areas to clean during the day. The system updates continuously so the data can be used during working hours without interfering with the employee’s day-to-day work.

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Collect accurate and granular data

Flowscape uses wireless battery-operated sensors to collect accurate, granular real-time data about the precise utilization of every single resource throughout the day. Flowscape has a wide range of sensors that can cover all parts of your office. Our solution experts will help you select the best solution for your needs. 

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Sensors For Space Management

Booking Data

Booking Software

The information collected by the sensors can be analyzed and compared with your booking data. Booking Analytics is included in all our Booking packages. Combining sensor data with booking data allows you to detect ghost bookings or if desks, rooms, and parking spaces are used without any bookings made. 

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