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Streamline booking processes while uncovering and optimizing room utilization

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Flowscape's Room Booking System seamlessly handles the entire booking process. Whether you need to reserve a room for a meeting, send guest invitations, or locate your reserved room, Flowscape has you covered. Furthermore, the solution's scalability makes it a good fit for businesses of any size and is perfectly suited for hybrid workplaces.

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Flowscapes' Room Booking System

  • Efficient Room Management: Get an overview of all bookable rooms. Schedule rooms in advance or instantly. Locate your booked rooms using wayfinding.
  • Seamless Booking Integration: Book rooms directly from your existing calendar. Invite meeting participants effortlessly.
  • Optimize Space Utilization: Eliminate ghost bookings with check-in functionality. Analyze room utilization and space usage.
  • Enhanced Workplace Experience: Improve room management with Room Displays. Monitor availability of Hot Desks and drop-in rooms using sensors and Busy Lights.

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Optimizing Space Utilization

Our Solution in a Nutshell

Streamlined Room Bookings

Effortlessly book a room from our user-friendly mobile or desktop app, or via Outlook plug-in. Our advanced ranking capability helps you find the optimum room for your needs. Additionally, our Visitor Management Solution automates the process of sending welcome emails with QR-code enabled check-in and pre-registering visitors, ensuring a smooth arrival experience.

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Real-time Visualization of Room Availability

Quickly determine the availability of rooms with our innovative Busy Light feature. The lights provide a visual indication of room occupancy status: green when available, red when booked or in use, and yellow ten minutes before a meeting starts. This intuitive system allows for efficient utilization of resources and effective planning.

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Enhanced Meeting Efficiency and Workplace Management

Our Room Booking System offers various tools to optimize meeting efficiency. Participants can receive reminders, and our mobile app and Kiosk screen's Wayfinder feature helps locate meeting rooms easily. To ensure meetings stay on schedule, utilize our meeting assistant. Additionally, by identifying suitable meeting types for each room, such as scrum meetings or line meetings, you can further enhance workplace management and productivity.

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Optimized Room Utilization and Data Analysis

Optimize your office space by implementing our booking and scheduling software. If meeting rooms are frequently booked but underutilized, our system can automatically release the space if the host fails to check in, allowing others to utilize it. Gain valuable insights into room utilization by analyzing room booking data along with data from Presence Sensors and people counting sensors. Our comprehensive Space Management Software helps you make informed decisions and utilize your office space and co-working areas effectively.

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Efficient Issue Reporting and Tracking

Report issues with equipment or resources in the office effortlessly using the Flowscape mobile app. With just a few clicks, send a ticket to the facility managers, including text or pictures to provide detailed information. The ticket is automatically routed to the relevant department, and a warning sign is displayed on the map to alert other users. This streamlined process ensures quick issue resolution and a well-maintained office environment.

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Your Digital Workplace

Integrate to Other IT Systems​

Flowscape's cloud platform is built on the latest open-interface technology, making it easy to integrate our solution with your existing IT systems. We have a wide ecosystem of third-party solutions that we have successfully integrated with. Consult with our experts to explore how we can seamlessly integrate with your current installations.

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Multi-Tenant Buildings​

If you share a building with other organizations and utilize some of the same resources, Flowscape's system can efficiently handle multi-tenancy bookings. The system is configured to enable booking of both your own resources and the shared resources within the same building.

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Access Control

We can integrate Flowscape's system with your access control system, allowing you to restrict access only to employees who have booked a desk or room and have completed a health self-declaration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A centralized Room Booking System efficiently coordinates meetings and manages room reservations, streamlining the process for booking and organizing meetings and spaces.

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Key functionalities of having a Room Booking System


Our 3D interactive maps will display all office resources and meeting spaces with clear color indications. Flowscape is the acknowledged market leader in terms of quality, user-friendliness, adaptability, and function.

Flexible Bookings

Meeting Rooms can be booked directly or in advance by using our Mobile App, Web App, Outlook plug-in, Room Displays, or Kiosk Screens. A very easy and user-friendly way to schedule and book meetings.

Calendar Integration

Integrate Flowscapes Room Scheduling Software and Booking System into your existing calendar system. Flowscapes solution will automatically select the best meeting or conference rooms and rank them based on their suitability for your requirements.


The built-in Wayfinder in the mobile app and Kiosk Screen shows the most optimal route to all office resources. Personal bookings can be easily accessed through "My Bookings" in the Flowscape app.

Fault Reporting

Employees can send fault reports directly to property managers, cleaning staff, or reception with the mobile app.


Require Check-in to validate bookings either via email, push notification or Room Display.

Hardware for scheduling conference rooms

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