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About Flowscape

Flowscape is a SaaS product company delivering digital workplace solutions that increase employees’ efficiency and optimize space utilization in modern offices. The solution utilizes IoT sensors and indoor positioning to provide capabilities, such as room booking, desk management, equipment locating, colleague finding, failure reporting, crisis communication, and utilization analytics.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have used digital workplace solutions to enforce social distancing when in the office, but it is widely predicted that many employees will spend more time working from home in the future. Companies have already started to look into the potential to reduce their office space, which entails monitoring the utilization of offices and their resources. Flowscape’s advanced analytics capability is being used by many companies to manage this transition to smaller and more efficiently utilized offices.

Flowscape was founded in 2011 by CEO Peter Reigo and the product was launched to the market in 2014. €6.5m has been invested in developing the most comprehensive digital workplace solution suited. Today Flowscape has the largest market share in the Swedish market and since 2017 Flowscape commenced its international expansion by appointing a UK country manager tasked with developing the UK partnership network. At the beginning of 2020 Flowscape received €2.9m funding to boost its digital marketing, open an office in the US, and expand its presence in the UK. Flowscape has over 150 customers (including 30 multi-nationals) in 30 countries. Clients include WSP, Telia, Skanska, Telenor, Tikkurila, Cargotec, Nacka municipality and Tobii. Flowscape’s revenue in 2019 was 27M SEK which represented a 27% increase compared to 2018.

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Corporate governance

Our Board consists of four members with many years of experience of entrepreneurship and international business as well as leading positions in the technology industry.

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Why invest in Flowscape

  • Industry experts agree that post Covid-19, staff will work more from home and that shared workplaces are needed to adapt to a decreased number of people in the office. This transition will require digital solutions such as Flowscape's to manage desk and room booking so that teams can co-ordinate being in the office at the same time. Before Covid-19 Research & Markets and Markets & Markets estimated industry CAGR to be 15-40%; Covid-19 is predicted to drive this figure up.

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Financial Calendar

Flowscape follows the recommendation to maintain quiet periods. This means that during the 30-day period before the publication of a quarterly report, we do not hold any meetings with the media, investors, analysts or other players in the capital market. During the quiet period, we answer only questions of a general nature.

13 May, 2021 - Annual Report 2020
20 May, 2021 - Q1 Fiscal Report
3 June, 2021 - Annual General meeting
26 August, 2021 - Q2 Fiscal Report
25 November, 2021 - Q3 Fiscal Report
24 February, 2022 - Annual Report 2021

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