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Flowscape has a world leading solution for the new Hybrid Way of working. It creates a frictionless workday for employees and helps corporations to optimize their office space. The market is global, and Flowscape’s SaaS solution includes smart functions for Room Booking, Desk Booking, Planning the week at the office, colleague finding, Space Utilization Analytics and internal communication.

The business concept was born out of a collaboration with a large Swedish real estate company Vasakronan in 2013 and since 2018, the company's shares have been traded on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market under the tag FLOWS.

The head office is in Stockholm, but today Flowscape is also available in the USA, UK and Bulgaria and the customer list includes over 200 companies spread across 50 countries. Last year, the number of installations in the US and the UK increased ten times and the company's total recurring license revenues increased by 49 percent. In 2022 Flowscape will accelerate growth by opening other offices in the US, Germany and Norway.

Previously, the transition to flexible workplaces drove the company's business. Now it is the move to a safer and hybrid way of working that has made demand explode.

In Gartner's latest survey, 99 percent of HR Managers believed that employees will continue to work a few days a week from home. If this is proved correct, it is no longer reasonable and cost effective to have dedicated workplaces; the new market will mean everyone has to share. This global transformation to a hybrid way of working drives needs for new digital solutions such as being able to plan which days to be in the office as well as smart ways to book desks and meeting rooms.

We help companies get the best out of the hybrid way of working. Our world leading position is built on the best user interface, our long history of driving innovation in the industry and our proven experience to deliver a complete solution with both hardware and software.

It is breathtaking to be part of a company that is expanding internationally at the same time as the office world is experiencing the biggest change in a century. It is thrilling to think about what can happen. We base our solution on world-leading technical knowledge. However, it's not about technology but about giving employees and employers the conditions to thrive and deliver, regardless of whether they do that from home or in the office.

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May 16, 2024 - AGM 2024
May 16, 2024 - Notice to AGM
May 16, 2024 - Power of Attorney Form
June 1, 2023 - AGM 2023*
June 1, 2022 - AGM 2022*
June 3, 2021 - AGM 2021*
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June 17, 2019 - AGM 2019*
May 31, 2018 - AGM 2018*

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Reasons to invest in Flowscape

  • According to multiple surveys, industry leaders and employees believe that working from home two to three days a week will continue after the pandemic. This global transformation to hybrid working will drive demands for new digital solutions and this market is expected to grow rapidly during 2022 and in the coming years.

A woman and a man chatting next to desks with busy lights.
Adopting a hybrid workplace often leads to a positive impact in office employees

Stock Market Communication

Flowscape's communication to the stock market is through the Swedish Cision Page. Swedish press releases are translated and adapted to the English page. Thus, accurate reproduction can not be guaranteed.

Financial Calendar

Flowscape follows the recommendation to maintain quiet periods. This means that during the 30-day period before the publication of a quarterly report, we do not hold any meetings with the media, investors, analysts or other players in the capital market. During the quiet period, we answer only questions of a general nature.

16 May, 2024 — Q1 Fiscal Report
16 May, 2024 — Annual General Meeting
16 August, 2024 — Q2 Fiscal Report
15 November, 2024 — Q3 Fiscal Report
21 February, 2025 — Year-end results 2024

10 Largest Shareholders in Flowscape


Reigo Invest, 22,30%

Avanza Pension, 5,61%

Christer Jönsson, 4,80%

J H Engineering AB, 4,10%

Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring, 3,08%

Christian Kock, 2,54%

Nordea Bank ABP, 1,81%

Robert Strömfelt, 1,68%

Pei-Quan Ye, 1,22%

Erpur Adalsteinsson, 1,05%

Investor Relationship Contact

Image of Peter Reigo, Flowscapes CEO

Peter Reigo

Board member since 2018

Född 1969

Tec. Lic. and M.Sc. degree från KTH i Stockholm.
Styrelseledamot sedan 2018
Nationalitet: Sverige
Pågående uppdrag: Medgrundare och VD för Flowscape. Styrelseledamot i Reigo Invest AB samt styrelsesuppleant i Nybrokliniken AB och Karla Dental AB.
Aktieinnehav: (Flowscape, per 2022-11-22) 4 299 773 aktier via bolag, motsvarande 21,95 procent av Bolagets röster och kapital. 33 446 teckningsoptioner privat.

Inte oberoende gentemot bolaget och aktieägare

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