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Busy Light

Visualize Room, Desk or Parking status with a cost-efficient LED light

Flowscape's Busy Lights

With its intuitive system, the Busy Light seamlessly syncs with your calendar or scheduling app, displaying a vibrant green light when a space is free and ready for use, and switching to a bold red light when occupied. This efficient solution not only enhances workplace productivity but also fosters a more streamlined and interruption-free environment.

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Our Busy Light in a Nutshell

Cost efficient room solution

Our Busy Light is perfect if you want a visual indicator of a room's availability, without a room panel. The lights glow green when a resource is available and red when it’s booked or in use. They also turn yellow ten minutes before a meeting takes place.

outside phone booth

Visualize drop-in room status

Install Busy Light outside your drop-in rooms so its availability status is visible from a distance.

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Visualize desk status

The Busy Light can be installed on a desk which makes its availability status visible from a distance.

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Easy to install

The Busy Light only requires a power socket and is connected through a gateway to Flowscape's network. Adhere the light with double adhesive tape.

Busy light product

Technical Specification

LED lights

Multicolour LED light


Adhesive tape or wall mount bracket


10,5 x 1,6 cm


Powered via the 3 meter USB cable. Power adapter 230V/110V included


Wireless via LoRa. Bands NA915, EU868, EU433, AU915, AS923, CN470, CN779, IN865, KR920, RU864

Agency approvals

EU (CE), USA (FCC), Australia, RoHS

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