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Workplace ROI

Takes into account the costs associated with the workplace investments and the benefits and returns derived from these investments

The Streamlined Office

The benefits can be tangible, such as increased productivity, cost savings, or revenue growth, as well as intangible, such as improved employee satisfaction, engagement, or brand reputation. That's excellent! But where does one start?

Data Collection

Flowscape's sensors for rooms, desks, and zones, can be employed to gather data in the workplace. These sensors monitor and record activity within the office providing insights into the occupancy patterns and usage of different areas. Leveraging these sensors simplifies the process of planning cleaning schedules, allocating desks, and arranging furniture.

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Data Analysis

By analyzing the collected data, you can understand how various facilities like lunchrooms, lounges, and bathrooms are utilized. FlowAnalytics, our cutting edge workplace analytics tool integrated in the Flowscape Portal will assist you by turning your data into easy to read dashboards with a large range of filtering options. The objective is to establish a clear correlation between office layout, space management, and increased employee motivation and productivity. 

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Drive Transformational Change

To measure workplace ROI, it's crucial to involve employees, managers, and team leaders, as they all play valuable roles in shaping the company's success. Consider initiating a pilot project, involving a selected group of employees from each department, just as one of our clients did (see white paper below). By showcasing the positive impact of an improved physical space on ROI, you'll pave the way for a smoother transformation process and garner support from stakeholders.

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Optimize Space Utilization

In addition to enhancing efficiency, the insights gained from evaluating your current occupancy can help optimize space utilization. Explore the viability of implementing shared desking as a solution. Leverage the valuable data obtained to inform your next lease agreement or to initiate discussions with your current landlord. By utilizing this data-driven approach, you'll shape a workspace that maximizes its potential and drives long-term success.

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Download White Paper

"Technology That Delivers Better Workplaces" - This white paper will guide you through a pilot project aimed at reducing energy consumption by 25% on low-occupancy days while maintaining user comfort.


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