Nov 25, 2022

Exploring the radical change of the workplace

Exploring the radical change of the workplace

Exploring the radical change of the Workplace

Data is the new black. The proliferation of sensors and sensor technology is driving the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), providing the raw material for countless innovative applications. But data is not the same as information. For decision makers, data can be meaningless, even misleading without context and tools to make sense of what the data is telling them.

What is needed is a process for cutting through the noise, mining the mass of data for the patterns and trends that make the best sense and point the way forward. We call this process workplace analytics. Used correctly, the results of such analysis will provide the intelligence necessary to help users formulate more effective strategies and make better decisions.

Prior to the pandemic, workplace debate focussed on facilities and design with a view to recruiting top talent and maximising productivity. The role of data was to analyse the use of space and determine the effectiveness of different office layouts. Post Covid, it is all about what people need to do their jobs effectively. If employees can work productively at home, where does that leave the traditional office? Are the changes we have seen temporary or permanent? What does it all mean for workplace design and facilities management?

Flowscape Solutions’ white paper ‘Exploring the radical change of the workplace’ looks at the role of data analytics as organisations wrestle with the emergence of hybrid working and its impact on future workplace strategy. Many organisations would like their employees to spend more time in the office, but evidence suggests most people are happier at home. Why is this? What can be done to make the office a more comfortable and appealing working environment? Intelligent data analysis can help find the answers.

As radical change sweeps through the workplace, organisations must determine the best way forward for their business and their people. One thing is certain – those that take the time and trouble to gain an in-depth understanding of how their people use a workspace, how they feel about hybrid working and what contributes to their sense of wellbeing are the most likely to design a workplace that is both satisfying and successful.

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