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Profile picture of Henrik Tjernberg

Henrik Tjernberg

Chairman since 2016

Education and experience:
Henrik Tjernberg has studied technical physics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He joined Micro Systemation in 1985 as a software developer, became CEO in 1986 and Chairman of the Board in 2002. A position he still holds. He was elected a board member of the Crowdsoft Board of Directors in 2015 and chairman of the board in 2016. When Crowdsoft merged with Flowscape in 2018, he was elected chairman of the merged company, Flowscape Technology AB (publ). In 2018, he received the EY Entrepreneur of the
Year award for male rising star in the Stockholm region.

Henrik is 60 years old and married. He likes reading, politics and a well-performed opera.

Shares in Flowscape: 3 910 720 shares (0.2%)

Image of Peter Reigo, Flowscapes CEO

Peter Reigo

Board member since 2018

Education and experience:
Peter Reigo has a Tec. Lic. and M.Sc. degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He founded Flowscape 2011 and has since then been the CEO. Before that he worked 13 years at Ericsson in different project and line management positions mostly in R&D but also in production. There he learned leadership and how to develop and industrialize advanced products and systems with both software and hardware.

During his time at Flowscape he has shown his entrepreneurial skills and bin a strong driver in product management, business development and sales.

He is 50 years old and has two kids. In his spare time he likes all types of sports but has a special passion for running sprint and wind surfing.

Peter Reigo is through the company Reigo Invest AB the largest owner in Flowscape and he also holds the CEO position.

Shares in Flowscape: 429 977 265 shares (23.85%)

Profile picture of Urban Fagerstedt

Urban Fagerstedt

Board member since 2016

Education and experience:
Urban Fagerstedt has M.Sc in electronic engineering from university of Lund. Since graduating Urban has worked with R&D within the telecommunication industry. He was with Erisson for 26 years reaching a position as VP&GM for Radio Network Products.
After leaving Ericsson he worked as a management consultant for 2 Years. In 2007 Urban joined Huawei Sweden as VP R&D, he stayed for 10 years taking retirement in 2017. In later years Urban has taken up a number of Board assignments in smaller tech companies some listed some not.

Urban will turn 67 years old in September. He has 2 grown up children and one still in school. In his spare time Urban might be found in his basement lab designing and building tube amplifiers for HiFi, or maybe in the garage seeing to his hobby car, for outdoors urban can go fishing and he is often seen wielding an axe or running a chainsaw to fill up his fire log supply.

Urban has a small holding in Flowscape as is his normal practice when taking board positions.

Profile picture of Johan Hägerlöf

Johan Hägerlöf

Board member since 2019

Education and experience:
Johan Hägerlöf has an engineering degree from the University of Gävle. He is the co-founder of Flowscape and worked there from 2012 to 2017. Before that he worked 10 years at Ericsson and other mobile telecom companies but also self-employed in a design consulting company. He has a wide experience from various product development and industrialization projects from several companies.

During his time at Flowscape he was working with product management, project management and customer projects.

He is 52 years old and has three kids. In his spare time, he likes all types of sports especially running and tennis.

Johan Hägerlöf is through the company J H Engineering AB one of the bigger owners in Flowscape.

Shares in Flowscape: 80 383 241 shares (4.5%)


Henrik Boman

PWC - Chartered Accountant - Partner

At the Annual General Meeting 2020 PWC was elected as Auditor until the Annual General Meeting 2021.

PWC and Henrik Boman have had this assignment since the Annual General Meeting 2016.

PWC Sweden AB
Kista Science Tower, Färögatan 33
164 51 Kista

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