Aug 5, 2021

Flowscape receives breakthrough order for parking solution in the USA

picture of an american flag.

One of the top teams in the American basketball league, NBA, has chosen Flowscape as the solution provider of parking space booking for their new ultramodern home arena. In the first phase, the solution will be piloted for the staff parking, but in the next phase, the idea is to launch it also for their VIP customers with subscriptions.

This order is a breakthrough in a new segment. In the United States, there are a large number of sports arenas with similar needs as this customer. As the customer is one of the top teams in the NBA, we see this as a very important reference for continued growth in this segment. The customer chose Flowscape's solution because of the superior interface and that Flowscape can deliver a complete solution, with both hardware and software, and has long experience to developing products together with strategic customers.” says Magnus Arildsson, Sales Manager North America.

In phase one, the customer chooses to implement Flowscape's parking solution for the entire staff car park in their new state-of-the-art home arena, which cost $ 1.4 billion to build. The arena has about 500 employees and it holds around 18,000 spectators. If the pilot is successful, the target is to also implement Flowscape's solution for the spectator parking, which their VIP customers with subscriptions use. In phase two, funded product development has also been discussed, in order to adapt Flowscape's parking solution for this segment.

The pilot will be installed during the third quarter and a decision on phase two is expected in the fourth quarter.