Dec 17, 2021

Flowscape continues to win business in the United States

Many companies on the North American market are now planning for a return to the offices which leads to an increase of incoming leads to Flowscape. Flowscapes smart office
solution for the new
hybrid way of working is an important part for our customers and for their employees safety at the office. The customer is located in Tampa, Florida. The first-year order value is 27,000 USD (240,000 SEK) and yearly recurring 6,800 USD (62,000 SEK)

"Now, when many companies in the US starting to plan for the new normal, where staff work half the time from home and half in the office, we see an increase of incoming requests. We receive very good feedback as one of the strongest solutions in that market. Our end-user-interface, innovative solutions to key problems and the ability to deliver a complete solution, with both software and hardware, are highlighted in every meeting. Functionalities in focus are Desk booking, Office week-planner with colleagues and office user statistics. It feels very exciting to be part of this extremely big change in the office industry and help companies create a new efficient everyday life for millions of Americans.” says Magnus Arildsson, Regional Manager North America, Flowscape