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Flowscape's Workplace Management System

After a period of working remotely, many organizations are turning to technology and booking software to facilitate the transition of staff back to the office. Create a safe experience for your employees that do not interfere with their day-to-day work with Flowscape’s booking and management system. The system gives employers complete control over the transition and the ability to adjust the solution as your needs and governmental guidelines changes.

Use Flowscape’s desk management system and its analytics dashboards to:

  • Block desks to ensure social distancing
  • Manage bookable desks
  • Control the density of employees in the office
  • Monitor the utilisation of bookable desks
  • Restrict specific zones for different teams
  • Conduct contact tracing if illness reported
  • Produce used desks reports for the office cleaning staff 

Flowscape desk booking & desk blocking

Desk booking app, statistics and reporting

The solution is cloud-based with software for the laptops, mobiles, tablets, and kiosk screens in the office. The core is our Flowmap, an interactive colour 3D map displaying all the office resources, including desks, meeting rooms and points of interest. Use our admin portal to manage the solution and the analytics portal to view valuable data.

Flowscape's web app

Smart Desk Booking

Flowscape's smart desk booking system makes it easy to manage desks and ensures that everyone has access to the right equipment and workspace. With just a few clicks, you can reserve a desk for the next meeting or book an entire office for a team retreat.

desk booking in Flowscapes mobile app


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