Mar 1, 2023

What is Smart Office Software and why is it useful?

The need for modern technology in the office has increased. The forward-thinking space manager wants to fulfill the demands of a diverse and hybrid workforce and adapt to corporate changes in a fast-paced world.

Imagine an office where valuable data on the activity in the building is collected and space managers can streamline it accordingly. Or an app which lets hybrid employees book their preferred office desk in advance. Clearly, modern technology has paved the way for smart office software and improved the lives of both management and staff. Let’s take a dive into the world of smart office solutions and learn more about the benefits of a streamlined office space.

Smart office solutions are in demand

The need for modern technology in the office has increased. The forward-thinking space manager wants to fulfill the demands of a diverse and hybrid workforce and adapt to corporate changes in a fast-paced world. Smart office solutions are useful in two ways: to increase the collaboration and productivity of the employees and to improve space management. 

Smart technology for office managers

Have you ever wondered how smart technology can improve the office environment? Some examples will follow down below.

Optimize the office space with workplace analytics

Quantitative data is the holy grail of the smart office . It can be acquired with smart technology to answer the following:

  • Are the office spaces utilized properly?
  • Are there enough meeting rooms?
  • Are ghost bookings frequent?
  • Do meetings run according to schedule?
  • How many employees are in the office building each day and where?
  • When are most people present at the office?

Use workplace analytics to analyze the office space design in terms of furniture, number of rooms, layout, lights and indoor climate. Facility managers are able to follow up on the results and compare data over time. They can make informed decisions and reduce energy consumption.

Intelligent climate control systems

Stale indoor air can impact the well-being and productivity of the employees. When indoor climate is closely monitored and sensors adjust the air flow and temperature accordingly, the employees are more likely to thrive.

The intelligent climate control systems will also adjust temperature and ventilation according to the size of the room, the number of people present and certain hours of the day. With climate control, electricity costs will be reduced.

Help is always around the corner

A comfortable working environment is key, but another important aspect is the office equipment. Time is money and computers, printers and wifi need to be in place to ensure maximum productivity. In the app, it is possible to communicate more easily with facility employees. Instead of chasing them down the hall, office workers can report the incident in the app and even attach a picture to show the device/problem in question.

Sense and sensibility - and sensors

Choice, choices. Life is full of choices - everything from deciding on what sweater to wear or buying chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Always having to choose actively takes up headspace and luckily the smart office uses automation to a great extent.

Thanks to smart sensors, lights can be switched on when someone enters the room and doors are opened automatically. Employees are also able to quickly find out which rooms are available or not due to occupancy sensors. Smart office technology provides comfort and a sense of security in the office since there are no dark or unmonitored corners.

Visitor management makes it easier to navigate the office

When visitors are welcomed into the office it can be time consuming to wait in the reception or navigate through a maze of office corridors. Visitor management is made possible thanks to clever smart office technology. It gives visitors quick access to a certain meeting room with a QR-code in their mobile devices. The two of you can meet up in the same room, hassle free. The guest can order coffee or some snacks in the app which frees up time for the meeting organizers.

Improve productivity with smart office technology

The hybrid office is here to stay. Since a growing number of employees are striving for a flexible work life it is crucial to create a flexible working environment as well. Smart office technology offers booking features which let the employees plan out their day in the office.

Desk booking software

Desk booking software is a convenient option when fixed seating arrangements are no longer the norm. The overhead costs simply become too high if several parts of the office are vacant.

The number of office seats offered can be limited in order to reduce costs. Since the employees are able to book a desk in advance, office space utilization will be streamlined. Rooms can also have many uses. Conference rooms can be used as a meeting room, or vice versa.

Hot desking

If the employees need a computer with certain equipment such as a camera for video conferencing or a double screen, they can use the hot desking feature in the app to locate a suitable desk. Another favorable feature is the digital attendance calendar which offers the possibility to see when other colleagues are going to be in the office and where they are seated. The employee can easily book a seat next to their favorite colleague for team working or motivational purposes.

The software can also be used to locate a colleague while present in the building, both in the app and visualized on a large and interactive kiosk screen.

Hybrid workers prefer smart TECHNOLOGY

Desk booking software is not only cost efficient, but also improves the life of the hybrid worker. Employees can easily manage their workday with the app and make sure they get their preferred seat and arrangement of the day.

To sum it up, smart systems increase:

  • Flexibility
  • Versatility
  • Productivity

Smart offices are the cornerstones of space management

The aim of space management is to improve the work environment and optimize office space utilization. Mainly due to hybrid work, employees have different expectations. They should be able to plan their day, have access to proper IT-equipment and expect a healthy workplace environment.

What’s in it for you? Increased employee retention, reduced overhead costs and a flexible approach to change.  

Want guidance on how to set up your hybrid office for success?

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