Mar 13, 2023

Planning on Switching to The Hybrid Work Model? Start by Simplifying Desk Booking

Start by simplifying desk booking

Planning on Switching to The Hybrid Work Model? Start by Simplifying Desk Booking

Are you planning to switch to the hybrid work model? In a hybrid workplace, workers typically split their time between the traditional office and their home office, which requires optimizing office space. One way to do this is by simplifying desk booking. Keep reading to learn more about space utilization and streamlined software solutions.

Desk booking made simple

The hybrid work model requires flexibility and one way to go about is to simplify desk booking in the office. Optimization of desk utilization reduces overhead costs when less office space is needed.

Bear in mind, however, that it could result in too few desks available, and the office will get cramped and unpleasant. As an office manager, it is important to track and analyze the activity in the office to design an accommodating office space. When you are able to get insights about the workspace utilization, you could easily:

  • Improve and optimize building maintenance
  • Keep the facilities neat and clean 
  • Provide the right IT-equipment and office furniture
  • Design a comfortable and inspiring office space 
  • Scale up or down easily
  • Encourage hybrid work
  • Automate lights and alarm sensors to increase safety

An office space for collaboration and productivity

In the office, the ratio of worker/office space has to be on point. Or else, people would simply prefer working from home instead of elbowing around the office to find a proper desk or meeting room.

With the hybrid work model it is more important than ever to be able to join forces with other co-workers to collaborate and brainstorm on different tasks. Therefore, areas and meeting rooms of different sizes and layouts should always be available in the office. Not to mention conference rooms and lounges for business contacts. Take the opportunity to throw events in an inviting setting. How about team building exercises, in-service training or an actual office mingle with games and snacks? Some rooms can also be interchangeable which frees up space easily.

Give the employees the possibility to book a seat in a casual lounge area. Some employees get motivated when they can move around, using different furniture and engaging with different co-workers every day. A change of scenery usually sparks a little creativity. Employees that crave solitude from time to time should also be able to resort to a more quiet area or room. 

What is a desk booking tool?

Desk booking software lets employees and managers book desks, meeting rooms and other workspaces. It allows employees to reserve a specific seat for the day and switch to a different one the next day or week. They can find an overview of the office building, what seats are available and where their colleagues are located in an app.

Desk booking software features worth considering

Most desk booking software has similar features, but every office is different and you might want to consider a solution tailored to the worker's specific needs. Generally speaking, there are some aspects to consider.

User experience

Depending on the employees and work culture, the new desk booking platform will be more or less easy to implement. Some team members have probably been introduced to new software solutions a number of times. Therefore, you cannot expect everyone to jump on the bandwagon straight away. The first step is to launch a new desk booking solution in a meeting and try to set the stage. 

The next step would be to train IT-support and other departments in case they need to offer support and help to hybrid workers. The IT-department can solve any technical difficulties and HR could answer questions about time registration or insurance.

On the practical side, you should always offer a demo version where employees can try out the new software. Make sure you have chosen a software with an easy user interface that aligns well with your current office layout and workplace procedures.

If the office space is large, the map in the app has to be a proper visual representation of all the floors. Both managers and colleagues should be able to locate where everyone is in the office and when.

Security first

Normally, not everyone in the physical office has access to every single room and are authorized to look in all cabinets. Try to implement the same policy for the desk booking software.

An example could be to limit the access of certain departments or teams, so that they cannot book a desk in a designated office area. The sales team making cold calls should not be mixed with the backend developers who need to work quietly in order to focus. You get the picture.

Same goes for conference or meeting rooms. We suggest that only managers, team leaders or office managers should have access to specific booking features.

Being able to grant access to different booking features depending on people’s role in the company is crucial.

Offer a variety of meeting rooms and desks

The hybrid office caters to the needs of each and every individual employee. Even more so when they are able to customize the app and booking process easily. Users can use a filter function to find desks with the right features and equipment. Some might prefer a desk by the window or a sit/stand desk, or ergonomic chairs and stools. 

Depending on their daily tasks or company role, employees can request a dual screen, headphones or video cameras.

It could also be useful to figure out which digital tools can be integrated seamlessly with the office booking solution.

Gather reliable insights

As mentioned earlier, the best decisions are based on insights. A desk booking software which collects data about booking patterns and space utilization makes it easier to find a strategy that works.


The hybrid office should be a part of your cost reduction strategy and the desk booking solution will strengthen it.

There are many different solutions and pricing models, which means that you need to decide which one suits your company better. A subscription could be an option but also make sure that the cancellation policy is reasonable.

We expand the limits of hybrid work

At Flowscape, we want to simplify office space utilization. With our desk booking software, the hybrid work life will be streamlined. In a user-friendly desk booking app, employees and managers are able to book office seats and navigate the hybrid office. How about visual floor maps, hot desking features and desk status alerts? Flexibility in a nutshell!

Want guidance on how to set up your hybrid office for success?

Feel free to schedule a meeting with one of our product experts to learn more about our solutions and how technology can help you streamline your office processes without interfering with employees' day-to-day work.

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