Dec 6, 2018

Flowscape - The Telenor Case

When telecom giant Telenor moved their Swedish headquarters from the glasshouse at Slussen to Råsunda in Solna in August 2018, Flowscape accompanied them to their new activity-based home. The Launch was regarded as a great success.

Flowscape - The Telenor Case

Telenor's employees stated how Flowscape's platform helps both the staff and the company as a whole in their effort to work as smart and efficient as possible. For both new and long-time employees at the office, the Flowmap was considered a great tool in order to find meeting rooms in an easy manner. The combination of a 3D map and a wayfinding system enabled the company to manage the office space and reduce time spent on finding the right meeting room. Miona Aleksic, CIO/CTO Management Trainee, comments:

“I attend at least 3-4 meetings everyday that are on different floors and in different parts of the building. Flowscape really helps to just get to the place really quickly without any delays and to be on time.”  

The Flowscape system also enabled the staff at Telenor to in a manageable way book a meeting room quickly. By being able to see equipment present in each room together with number of seats, less time can be spent on searching for booking options. Colleague finder was also an appreciated function within the Telenor team, Christian Roth, CIO, explains:

“It’s a big office, and you can easily feel isolated when you work late evenings. The fact that you can see if there is someone else in the building and perhaps go sit next to that person, maybe someone new that you haven’t met earlier, is something that I have used myself on many occasions.”

With the help of Flowscape's system, Telenor will be able to develop its way of working, thus
contributing in creating a modern workplace. The order, that came to life through the partner Atea, consists of both hardware and software and includes over 40 room panels, over 1 000 sensors and a support agreement. Christian Roth comments:

”We lacked a tool to streamline and review how we used our office building, where people sit and which workplaces that were available. That’s where Flowscape entered the picture”