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Space Management Solution

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Going Hybrid?

Flowscape provides a comprehensive space management solution, and space planning software specifically designed to manage hybrid work schedules, creating a seamless flow in each step of the space and workplace management process. We believe that spaces should be created for the people using them and that the managers looking after the space utilization deserve the best tools and space management software to make it possible.

With Flowscape’s Space Management Solution, you will be able to

  • Get a clear overview over your office spaces and resources
  • Increase employee productivity with space booking solutions
  • Collect accurate utilization data of your office resources
  • Build future space management strategies
  • Produce extensive utilization reports
  • Right-size your office space for a hybrid work environment
  • Increase employee experience with space design
  • Retain your staff with an inspiring work environment
  • Save time on your real estate management

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Our Office Space Management System

Clear space overview and supervision

Flowscape's Space Management software enables an integrated workplace management system for you to manage your office space and space utilization with efficiency and ease. The 3D map displays all office resources and gives managers looking after the facilities management, as well as employees, a complete overview of the resources in the company’s real estate portfolio.

Flowscape is the acknowledged market leader in terms of quality, user-friendliness, adaptability, and function. All space management and resources are easy to manage in the Flowscape Admin portal, and Facility Managers can get a clear overview of the exact number of resources within a building or a set of buildings, and provide you with accurate data, key insights to make data-driven decisions and improve space utilization.

Space Management system software

Collect utilization data of your office space

Flowscape uses wireless battery-operated sensors to collect accurate, granular real-time data about the precise utilization of every single resource throughout the day, making workplace management easier to manage for all workplace leaders. The sensors are easy to deploy, simply register the office resources in Flowscape’s admin portal and connect them with a sensor by typing its serial number. The sensors are battery supplied and connect wirelessly and can run outside your IT infrastructure.

Desks can also be equipped with USB Desk sensors that will not only give accurate usage data it will also enhance the end-user experience by automatic check-in to desks.

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Sensors For Space Management

Build data-based Space Management strategies

By using Flowscapes sensor technology and space management software, Facility Managers can start identifying trends based on relevant data, robust reporting, and workflows that can later lay the groundwork for future office changes, and better workplace management. Flowscape’s statistical portal; FlowAnalytics, is an integrated module to our application and one of its key features is used to view and analyze historical data about the utilization of various resources in your office.

Flowscape also offers extended analytic capabilities for multi-office companies and global corporations to centralize property management for better workplace management and reduce costs.

Space management Analytics

Right-size your office space for a hybrid work environment

As businesses start to plan their post-Covid office strategies, it is expected that average utilization will settle at between 30% - 40%. Office spaces are evolving into places designed to facilitate collaboration and teamwork when other aspects of work can be conducted from home. Office design and office space requirements need to change along with the workplace management to reflect this shift from centralized to decentralized working, which represents a real opportunity for substantial cost savings.

Only by collecting utilization data for every desk, room, meeting room and zone, can a business increase office utilization, get better occupancy information, and decrease real estate costs.

Space Management strategies

Retain your staff by optimizing their work environment

Retaining competence and skill within a company will be increasingly more important in a mobile work environment. The office is one of the most important factors in inspiring and motivating employees to keep their loyalty to the brand. With Flowscapes Analytics tool, managers of the facility can analyze spaces based on popularity, and make strategic decisions on how to optimize the office space after employee needs and preference.

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Increase employee productivity with Space Booking Solutions

It is estimated that employees spend over 15 minutes a day in finding available and optimal office resources like meeting rooms, desks, and parking spaces. By adapting an employee-centered space management tool, Business owners can make sure that employees find resources with the equipment and location needed for their specific needs. Flowscape provides comprehensive booking solutions that make your workplace manageable for the people using it.

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Our Booking Solutions

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Key Functionalities


Our 3D interactive maps will display all office resources and meeting spaces with clear color indications. Flowscape is the acknowledged market leader in terms of quality, user-friendliness, adaptability, and function.

Presence Sensors

Flowscape uses wireless battery-operated sensors or USB Desk Sensors to collect accurate, granular real-time data about the precise utilization of every single resource throughout the day.


Our custom build analytics portal gathers all your utilization and booking data on one single platform with the possibility to create custom views and export data to statistical programs of choice.


Make sure your office never exceeds its maximum capacity. Employees register office attendance in the app with the option to deny access to others when maximum capacity is reached.

Space Planning

Produce detailed utilization reports to plan your future office strategy on employee demand and usage.

Resource Booking

Book office resources directly or in advance with just a few clicks. The system is flexible, and you can decide how long in advance a resource can be booked or only allow bookings made upon arrival.

Let's find the perfect solution for you

Our solution experts will design an optimum Space Management Solution that not only matches your current digital workplace requirements but also anticipates the future needs of your business. We provide relevant space data to give you a better picture of your space allocation.

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