Feb 19, 2021

Flowscape supported WSP to roll out an integrated Smart Office solution

Picture of a large office with glass walls, with multiple tenants.

WSP, one of the largest professional services firms in the world, formulated an ambitious plan with the key objective of transforming the utilisation of its offices globally. In the UK, this involved over 7,000 staff using 33 offices totalling 41,427 sqm , with 5,800 desks and 150 meeting rooms. Flowscape delivered its largest UK project over four phases during the second half of 2020. 

The Covid-19 outbreak caused all companies to add a new requirement to their workplace strategies: they needed to ensure that their offices afforded staff appropriate protection against Covid-19 according the indoors social distancing rules. This necessitates the creation and deployment of new technologies to facilitate the dynamic management of key office resources, especially desks.  

WSP’s desk management user requirements included a cloud-based solution that allowed desk booking, checking in and wayfinding, via web and mobile apps. In addition, facilities management requirements included desk blocking, contact trace reporting and workplace analytics to enable tactical and strategic decisions regarding the space utilisation of every building. 

Flowscape had to quickly respond to the changes in WSP workplace utilisation by introducing bespoke desk management features, such as booking on behalf of third parties and applying specific booking rules.

In 2021 WSP plans to utilise Flowscape solutions to deploy additional room booking functionality, including an enhanced visitor management capability with a full integration with its building access control systems and catering ordering linked to its local suppliers. Flowscape is also implementing a car parking booking capability for WSP, which will be used both for staff and visitors.    

Flowscape’s solution was considered the key element of WSP UK’s 2020 digital transformation. Neill Goulder, UK Technology Transition Director said:

“The Flowscape team have been really supportive during implementation and the intuitive nature of the system means implementation has been easy.  It has quickly become one of the key solutions in helping us use our offices more flexibly and during the pandemic it has been critical in ensuring we use our offices safely.” 

WSP globally is also working with Flowscape in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Sweden.