Jun 2, 2021

Introducing Flowscape Rules

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The increased demand on Desk Management after Covid-19 shutdowns have resulted in an increase in functions needed for effective density control and management of space and resources. Among our customers and clients, rule settings and booking permissions that govern the booking of resources has been the most highly requested functions to date. We are happy to present our latest feature that responds to the current demands – Flowscape Rules.  

Flowscape Rules 

Flowscape rules allows you to manage where your employees can book resources and can be given to all employees, specific departments, or individual users. Flowscape rules can be used to limit specific areas in your office to certain groups and through that control both the density and usage of your office space. Flowscape rules can also be used to restrict booking access on certain days of the week.  

We are also introducing “Booking on behalf of”, which enables managers to book desks for their teams when collaboration at the office is needed. This ensures both the manager and the team that seats will be available to them, in close proximity to each other upon arrival at the office. 

All advanced booking rules can be managed through the Flowscape Admin portal and will provide two sets of permission rules.  ​  

  • ​Booking on Behalf of ​ - Governs which employees that can book office resources on behalf of someone else. This rule can be set for a specific user, complete teams or for all the employees. ​ 
  • Booking permissions​ - Governs which employees that can book which office recourses. 

Booking Permissions 

Booking Permissions govern which assets employees can book and use in your office. Flowscape’s Desk Management, Room Booking Solution and Parking Management Solution will provide permission rules that can be applied to specific groups and governs usage of specific areas or assets.   

Booking permissions can be applied to different groups within your workforce. This can be done manually or based on” Department” in Azure AD (exact match)​. The permission rules for that specific group can then affect office assets in specific areas, such as whole buildings, specific floors and zones.  

As an example, you can allow “Management” to book all resources, while “HR” are only allowed to book desks on floor 6, and “development” only in the “Work zone” on floor 5.  

The benefits of using Flowscape Rules 

Using permission rules is the next step to fully manage your office resources. This new system update will enable customers and clients to gain full administrative control over their office space.