Jul 8, 2021

Flowscape develops parking solution with a customer in Norway

A customer in Norway has signed a development and financing agreement with Flowscape to continue the development of Flowscape's parking management solution.

“Parking management is getting more important for our customers when they optimise their flexible office. Flowscape already strong parking booking solution becomes even stronger with integrated parking loT sensors. Flowscape is working close to our key customers to constantly develop our solutions to their needs. This customer is very important in Norway and we are happy that they now expand their Flowscape solution with parking management” says Peter Löfgren, Nordic Sales Manager.

The order covers both the funded development work to integrate a new type of wireless battery-powered parking space sensor, as well as the hardware for the installation.

In the Flowscape solution, the end-users, can easily find and book desks, rooms and now also parking spaces, directly via the app in their smart phone or web browsers. The map will automatically be updated as soon as a car is parked in a place. With the sensors, the customer will also get access to very detailed data on how much the parking spaces have been booked and when they have been used. This is to be able to optimize how many parking spaces they really need.

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