Nov 5, 2021

Flowscape wins new contract in Finland

People having a meeting in an open meeting room, Philips room Panel displayd on table, showing the meeting room as occupied.

A company in Finland has selected Flowscape’s space management solution for hybrid workplaces for their office in Helsinki. The first-year order value is 63,400 Euros (628,000 SEK) and there after 18,200 Euros (180,000 SEK) annually recurring.

“It is a challenge for many companies to handle the new hybrid way of working where employees work from home significantly more than before. This customer in Finland decided for the Flowscape solution as we in the best way combined user interface, functionalities and price. A highly sought-after feature is the ability for employees to see when their colleagues plan to be inside the office during the week. This is getting more important when employees want to collaborate with their colleagues when at the office. Also the well-integrated use of sensors to measure utilisation of the office was critical in the decision. How the office can be optimized is becoming more important for customers ”says Peter Löfgren, Head of Sales Nordics.

The installation includes the delivery of a complete system with both maps of the office, smartphone apps, room booking panels and sensors.