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Indoor Positioning

Achieve accurate wayfinding guidance while on-the-go to your phone to find an office, desk or a colleague

High accuracy

Our Bluetooth-based positioning system is updated every second with an accuracy of ± 1-2 meter. This is achieved by a triangulation method called “fingerprinting”, in combination with the smartphones’ accelerometers, gyro and compass. This delivers turn-by-turn wayfinding guidance as well as colleague finder capability.

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Easy to install

The battery-operated Bluetooth beacons are easy to mount with adhesive tape and do not require any wiring. A beacon needs to be installed every 10 meters for good accuracy. Once all beacons are installed, you need to walk the pre-defined paths to calibrate the system. A large office can be set up within a few days.

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Easy to maintain

The battery life of the beacons is over three years. The system will automatically warn when any beacon has a low battery or if a beacon is removed or broken. We recommend preventive battery replacement every three years.​

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Integration to positioning systems​

The system has an open architecture and has an ecosystem of integration partners. Flowscape's ecosystem partner for positioning system is Cisco.

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Wayfinding and colleague finder

Positioning accuracy

± 1-2 meters

Wireless technology

2.4 GHz BLE

Supported smartphones

iPhone 6s and later & Android 4.4

Power supply

Battery 1 x AA

Battery life

More than 3 years


In ceiling or on wall with included adhesive tape.


12 months

Agency Approvals

EU (CE), USA (FCC), Canada (IC), RoHS

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