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Discover our Workplace Management Solutions

Our comprehensive solution is tailored for the hybrid workplace. Employees can reserve desks, book meeting rooms, and plan their work week. Usage data accessed via the portal enable informed space management decisions such as rightsizing or expanding office areas.

Hybrid workplace desk booking solution

Desk Booking

Our Desk Booking Solution is designed to streamline the desk booking process in hybrid workplace environments from start to finish. The system can be tailored to accommodate offices of any size.

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Metting in a hybrid office

Meeting Room Booking

Utilize our space management solution to visualize and schedule your meeting rooms, office spaces, and resources with unparalleled simplicity.

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Book parking spot with Flowscape's Mobile App

Parking Management

The Flowscape Parking Management solution is a feature-rich and user-friendly solution designed to enhance employees' car parking experience at the office.

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Flowmanager Analytics

Workplace Analytics

By utilizing FlowAnalytics, Flowscapes Workplace Analytics tool, Facility Managers can begin identifying trends and workflows that can serve as a foundation for future office changes.

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FlowPlanner allows employees to make decisions about office attendance based on available spaces, while simultaneously scanning colleagues’ future office attendance to plan collaboration on-site.


Our latest feature FlowPlanner allows employees to make decisions about office attendance based on available spaces, while simultaneously scanning colleagues’ future office attendance to plan collaboration on-site.

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Our 3D map provides an unbeatable overview of your office

The FlowMap

Imagine the experience of having all your office resources available at your fingertips, coupled with an unmatched 3D overview of the office. Flowscape is the undisputed market leader in terms of quality, user-friendliness, adaptability, and functionality.

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