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With Flowscape's FlowPlanner solution, employees can easily plan their attendance in flexible work environments. The user-friendly design enables employees to choose when to come to the office by checking available spaces. They can also see when their colleagues will be in, making it easier to coordinate on-site collaboration.

Our FlowPlanner Solution

  • Share your office attendance on specific days
  • Indicate your current status: Office, Remote or Off work
  • Plan attendance based on available spaces and crowding
  • Increase productivity by enabling ad-hoc collaboration
  • Eliminate overcrowding when right-sizing your office
  • Overview of number of attendees during emergencies
  • Develop data-driven Space Management Strategies

Hybrid workplace colleague planner

Other Perks with our Solution

Set Your Work Location

Easily register your office attendance with just a few clicks. Open the FlowPlanner in the mobile app or web application and set your work location for the week. FlowPlanner syncs with your desk bookings, automatically registering your office attendance on the days you have booked a workspace.

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Make Informed Decisions About Your Office Attendance

Some of us prefer a quiet and less hectic work environment, while others thrive in an office filled with colleagues. FlowPlanner provides valuable information such as the percentage of office capacity reached for each day. This helps you make informed decisions about your office attendance, considering available spaces and crowding levels.

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Increase Employee Productivity

No more endless email threads or chat conversations to plan office attendance. With FlowPlanner, you can add your closest team members to your Selected Colleagues list, allowing you to keep track of their future office attendance and desk bookings for weeks ahead.

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Eliminate Overcrowding

When the maximum capacity is reached for a certain day, FlowPlanner automatically denies access to employees attempting to register attendance and redirects them to book for another day. Office managers can effectively manage overcrowding and ensure that flexible seating arrangements do not lead to seating issues.

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Build Future Space Management Strategies

Flowscape's statistical portal provides real-time data on office attendance and desk bookings, which can be analyzed when making strategic decisions about office space changes. By combining Flowscapes's sensor technology with FlowPlanner and Desk Booking data, facility managers can identify trends and workflows, laying the groundwork for future office changes.

Space management Analytics

Key Functionalities

Set Work Location

Register the location from which you are currently working from using either the mobile app or web application.

Colleague Attendance Overview

View the planned office attendance of all colleagues for weeks ahead of time.

Selected Colleagues

Each employee can create a "Selected Colleagues List" to conveniently scan the future office attendance of the colleagues they interact with the most.

Capacity Control

Monitor and set limits for office attendance to ensure that it never exceeds the building capacity.

Attendance Reports

FlowPlanner automatically generates attendance lists for each day, assisting managers in ensuring employee safety when necessary.

Workplace Analytics

Flowscape's statistic portal generates data on office attendance and desk bookings, which can be analyzed to make strategic decisions regarding office space.

Hardware Options for our FlowPlanner Solution

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