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Empower team collaboration in hybrid work environments

It’s time to create offices for the era of flexibility

Flowscape’s FlowPlanner solution empowers employees to efficiently plan their office attendance in work environments with increased flexibility. Its effective and simple design allows employees to make decisions about office attendance based on available spaces, while simultaneously scanning colleagues’ future office attendance to plan collaboration on-site. FlowPlanner also assists office managers to eliminate overcrowding when right sizing the office to a hybrid work environment.

With FlowPlanner, you will be able to:

  • Share your office attendance on specific days  
  • Show if you are working from home or on vacation
  • Plan attendance based on available spaces and crowding 
  • Increase productivity by enabling ad-hoc collaboration 
  • Eliminate overcrowding when right sizing your office  
  • View number of attendees at the office in case of emergencies 
  • Build future Space management strategies based on attendance 

Hybrid workplace colleague planner

Our FlowPlanner Solution

Set your work location

By using FlowPlanner you can register office attendance with just a few clicks. Simply open the FlowPlanner in the mobile app or web application and set your work location for the week. FlowPlanner syncs with the desk bookings you make, automatically registering office attendance for the days you have booked a workspace.

FlowPlanner App, week booking

Make decisions about your office attendance

Some people prefer a quiet and less hectic work environment, while others want to come to the office when it’s filled with colleagues. While using FlowPlanner, employees can see the percentage of office capacity reached for each day and make decisions about their office attendance based on available spaces and crowding.

colleagues on map

Increase employee productivity

Planning office attendance in endless email threads and chat conversations can now be a task of the past. Employees can add their closest team members to their selected colleagues list, enabling them to always keep track of their team members future office attendance and desk bookings for weeks ahead. 

FlowPlanner colleagues list

Eliminate overcrowding

When maximum capacity is reached for a certain day, The FlowPlanner will automatically deny access for employees who tries to register attendance and redirects them to book for another day. Office managers can now with one easy tool manage overcrowding and make sure that their new flexible seating arrangements don’t create seating issues.

Collaborate in a hybrid workplace - general

Build future Space Management Strategies

Flowscape’s statistic portal produces real time data on office attendance and desk bookings which can be analyzed when making strategic decisions about office space changes. By using Flowscapes sensor technology together with FlowPlanner and Desk Booking data, Facility Managers can start identifying trends and workflows that can lay the groundwork for future office changes.

Space management Analytics - flowmanager

Key Functionalities

Office Attendance Registration

Register office attendance in the mobile app or web application. Simply select which day you want to come to the office, time duration for your visit and confirm.

Colleague Attendance Overview

View all colleagues’ planned office attendance for weeks ahead of time.

Selected Colleagues

Employees can set up a ‘colleagues list’ to scan their future office attendances with just one click. 

Capacity Control

Monitor and set limits for office attendance and to ensure that it never exceeds the building capacity.

Attendance Reports

FlowPlanner automatically produces attendance lists for each day that can help managers ensure safety for employees when needed.

Workplace Analytics

Flowscape’s statistic portal produces data on office attendance and desk bookings which can be analyzed when making strategic decisions about office space changes. 

Hardware Options for our FlowPlanner Solution

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