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Meeting Room Panel Solution

Visualize meeting room availability and release unused meeting rooms.

Select the best panel solution for your meeting rooms

With one of the leading room scheduling solutions from Flowscape, you receive the optimum user interface on the market, combined with hardware that fits your office's design and budget. Check out our Busy Light with colored LED lights for even more choices and a better booking experience!

Meeting room displays that are easy to use

Book a meeting room with just two clicks through to the easy-to-use user interface. The surrounding LED light is a visual indicator of the room's availability.

Philips meeting room display panel

Optimize the Utilization of Your Meeting Rooms

Find an available meeting room for ad hoc meetings within seconds and save space by freeing up unused rooms. With Meeting Room Displays, detecting ghost meetings and recurring meetings that are no longer attended becomes easy. These types of booking solutions are perfect for a hybrid workplace, where employees sometimes choose to work from home instead and might forget to cancel their booking in one of the conference rooms.

Meeting Room Display check-in

Scale up for more functionality

Additional functionality and hardware can be integrated with your room- and meeting booking solution as your workplace requirements grow.

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Easy to Install and Setup

The meeting room displays are easily configured and managed from the online administration tool. The room displays are delivered with both wall-mount and glass-mount brackets for easy installation.

Meeting room display that is easy to install

Analyze Utilization of Your Rooms and Conference Rooms

Analyze the booking and room status of the conference rooms and other meeting rooms with Flowscape's powerful business intelligence tool. For insights on the rooms' utilization, add our occupancy sensors.

Space management Analytics

Key Functionalities

Book, Extend & End Meetings

Finding and booking a meeting room for a spontaneous meeting has never been easier. If your meeting runs over or ends early, you can equally easily extend or end the booking on the room display itself.

Central Management

Flowscape's system is designed for enterprise large-scale operations. All supervision and software updates are managed remotely through the administration portal; no on-site presence is required.

Prevent Ghost Meetings

Release unoccupied meeting rooms. If you activate the check-in functionality, the check-in button on the room panel must be pressed, otherwise, the booking will be canceled.

Failure Reporting

If you find faulty equipment in a meeting room, it is easy to report it through the Room Display interface, which will initiate an e-mail to the responsible person in your company and office.

Enterprise Security

Flowscape works with clients across multiple verticals requiring the highest IT security levels. We are ISO 27001 certified, and the room panel firmware fulfills IEEE 802.1X.

Multiple Calendar Support

Our solution works seamlessly with the client's existing third-party room booking system. We support Exchange 2012+, Office 365, and G-Suite. The solution supports various room booking systems in the same office.

Integrates With Your Booking System

Flowscape's room display solution integrates with your existing resource booking systems for better room usage and room scheduling. Continue to book resources as you are used to but get the added smart functionality.

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