Meeting Room Booking

Save time, increase meeting efficiency and optimize your meeting room utilization

Meeting Room Booking Software

Book a meeting room from the mobile app, desktop app or Outlook plug-in. Find the optimum meeting room with our in-built ranking capability, order catering at the same time, and use our Visitor Management Solution to automatically send a welcome e-mail with QR-code enabled check-in and to pre-register visitors.

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Visualize status of drop-in meeting rooms

Use the Busy Light to visually see if a room is occupied or free if you are nearby. Use the map to see the status of the rooms if you are not in the immediate vicinity of the room, for example, rooms in a different part of the floor or different parts of the building.

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Meeting Room Display

A reminder is sent to participants and the wayfinder in the mobile app and Kiosk screen can be used to locate meeting rooms. And to finish on time, use our meeting assistant. You can further improve meeting efficiency by determining what type of meetings the rooms are most suitable for, for example, scrum meetings or line meetings.

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Meeting Room Manager

Combine Room booking data with data from presence sensors and people counting sensors to gain a deep and detailed understanding of how your meeting rooms are being utilized.

Are most of the meeting rooms booked, but only a fraction being used? Automatically release the room if the host does not check-in.

Improve your meeting room usage with the on-screen confirmation. An Interactive meeting room display solution helps you manage your meeting room facilities.

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Key functionalities


The Flowmap is an interactive 3D map of the office and the foundation of the mobile and desktop app. It's the only interface you need to book a desk, a room and resources. Use the built-in wayfinder to get there.

Four ways to book

Book a room from the mobile app, web app, Outlook plug-in and Kiosk screen.

Drop-in rooms

Non-bookable rooms, or drop-in rooms, are also included on the Flowmap. Choose to reserve a drop-in room ten minutes in advance, so no one else uses it before you get there. After that the Room Presence Sensor will automatically keep it occupied as long as you use it.

Scoring system

Select when you need the room, the equipment you require, the desired number of seats, and preferred floor and building and the Outlook plug-in will automatically select the best room and rank them based on their suitability for your requirements.


Eliminate ghost booking by activating the check-in functionality. Attendees need to check-in via e-mail or a push-notification to the mobile phone. You can for example set the grace period for 15 min before and 10 min after the meeting's start time. If you add our Room Panel Solution, check-in can be done directly through it.

Order catering

Order catering at the same time as booking a room. Select catering options from a drop-down menu and specify the time you want the food or drinks served. Flowscape’s solution can also integrate with your existing catering system.

Meeting Assistant

Flowscape’s meeting assistant will keep track of your agenda, advise you when it’s time to move to the next topic, and warn you when the meeting is nearing the end.  It can also extend the meeting for you or release the room early. After the meeting, the assistant can send an evaluation form to the participants to get feedback on suggested improvements.

Integrates with your booking system

Flowscape’s solution integrates with your existing resource booking systems. Continue to book resources as you are used to but get the added smart functionality.

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