Jul 7, 2022

Why Flowscape is the top hybrid-workflow management system

FlowPlanner allows employees to make decisions about office attendance based on available spaces, while simultaneously scanning colleagues’ future office attendance to plan collaboration on-site.

As the pandemic ends, remote work has become popular amongst employees while employers prefer their staff to be back in the office. Platforms like Flowscape present a viable solution to keep both staff and management happy: the hybrid workplace model.

While there are several platforms offering hybrid workplace management tools, Flowscape is the top choice for several reasons.

Flowscape is the market leader in user interface

Contrary to other platforms, Flowscape integrates a high impact 3D Flowmap that allows users to engage with the product easily and efficiently. The interface of the product is a key feature that makes Flowscape a leading hybrid workplace management tool.

Flowscape will scale to the size of your company

Flowscape offers different products, like room panel solutions to digital workplace solutions, which will fit the needs of your growing company. All products are designed to make the work experience as seamless as possible.


Another key value that drives Flowscape is innovation. The company is constantly developing new products to enhance the hybrid workplace experience. Most recently, Flowscape launched the USB desk check in sensor and Flow planner. Other products include desk management, kiosks and meeting room management tools.

Flowscape offers an end to end solution

The combination of software and hardware is incomparable to other services and providers.

Flowscape aims to improve the working experience by reducing friction

The company does so by offering a wide variety of products in addition to those cited above—including the ability to book spaces for your pets.

During the pandemic, many employees working at home chose to acquire pets. Now that they are being asked to return to the office, this means that they will not be able to tend to their pets as effortlessly as they did during the pandemic. Flowscape offers a solution. By integrating Flowscape’s pet booking product employees have the option to bring their pet to the office, without having too many pets there all at once.

One of the top perks of using Flowscape is also the parking management tool. This allows companies to save money on the scale of office and parking lot space. By enabling employees to book parking spaces in advance, companies can ensure a smoother work experience.

Outside of integrating products, companies using Flowscape can also apply workplace analytics. By applying workplace analytics companies can review trends and workflows that will allow them to plan ahead for future office spaces.

As the demands of employees shift to working part time at home and part time at the office, the demand for hybrid workplace management tools increase. As companies seek software and hardware to support them in this transition, the clear top choice for Hybrid workplace management is Flowscape. The combination of its innovative products, user experience and effectiveness set Flowscape apart from other hybrid workplace management services.

If your company is making the leap to a hybrid workplace model and you’d like your company to be successful, choose Flowscape.

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