Apr 22, 2021

Desk Management for Fixed Seating – The Benefits

Desk Management have many benefits for companies that are planning to continue with fixed seating post pandemic, here are some of them.

Flowscape Desk Management package is used to optimize desk handling at any type of office environment; flexible, activity-based seating or fixed seating. The most common use of desk management solutions is when companies are adapting their office to activity based seating or flexible working schedules. But Desk Management have many benefits even for the companies that are planning to continue with fixed seating for their employees. In this blog post, we will go over some of the key advantages.

What is Fixed Seating? Read our summary of the terminology and definitions within the world of Desk Management!

Desk Management for Fixed Seating  

In an environment where the employees have their own desk, there is no need for booking features. The employees will have an assigned seat and if the office is small, employees will probably know each other and find their colleagues in an easy manner. But Desk Management offers some other key functions that might be of interest if you are looking to optimize your office further.  

Finding Colleagues

The Desk Management Package can be used to help the employees to find where a person is sitting and see if they are by their desk currently. Especially in large offices, employees generally do not have a complete overview of the seating’s and the office layout, making colleagues difficult to find for spontaneous meetings or chats. With a Desk Management package, a lot of time can be saved for your employees by providing them with a tool that helps them to find which workplace, cubical or room a certain colleague has and if that person is currently by their desk.

This is enabled by using Electronic Name Plates, each employee can have their name indicated on their fixed seat. By using Indoor Positioning, Employees will also be able to see if the colleague is currently at their desk, see picture below.

With the Desk Sensor option, presence at the desk can be measured and turn the desk red if someone is seated. This is a beneficial solution if you do not want to use indoor positioning and have the employees appear as dots on the map.

Managing Guest Desks

Even if your employees have assigned seats, some spaces need to be available for others who might come to the office, maybe for a visit or for collaboration. Without a Desk Management system, there will be no way for your business to get a clear overview of these spaces and enable bookings for the guests at your office.

By using a Desk Management system, different desk types can be combined for different purposes. You can program some desks to be Hot Desks that turn red when someone is seated and then turns green when the person leaves. You can also make your guest desks bookable which will enable your employees to book desks on behalf of the guest, giving them a guarantee that the desk will be available when the guest arrives.

Analyze Desk Usage

By adding our Desk Presence sensors for your fixed seats, you can measure how often the desks at your office are being used. Read more about the benefits of Workplace analytics here. If your employees start to combine working from home with working from the office, measuring utilization of your office resources can help you make future decisions about your
office space, and maybe move into a flexible desk environment if it becomes apparent that the desks are not being used.

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