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Manage the conference room booking process from start to finish

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Experience conference room scheduling software that prevents ghost bookings and simplifies
conference room booking in all office environments.

Flowscapes state-of-the-art Conference Room Booking System takes care of the room scheduling process from start to finish. Whether you want to book a room for an informal meeting, a formal one, invite other participants or find your way to your booked room - Flowscape got you covered. The solutions’ scalability makes it suitable for any business size and integrates seamlessly with your existing calendar system.

With Flowscape Conference Room Scheduling Software, you will be able to

  • Get an overview of all conference rooms in your office and their availability
  • Schedule Conference Rooms directly or in advance
  • Find your scheduled Conference room with wayfinding
  • Schedule Conference Rooms via your existing calendar and invite participants
  • Eliminate ghost bookings with check-in
  • Show availability status for drop-in rooms with sensors and Busy Lights
  • Add Conference Room Scheduling Displays for effective management
  • Analyze Conference Room usage

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Our Conference Room Scheduling Software

Clear Schedule and Availability Overview

The FlowMap gives you a clear overview of all Conference Rooms at your office, while also giving you the ability to book one with just 2 clicks. The FlowMap displays all available conference rooms with clear color indication, so you always know what’s accessible. By clicking on a Conference room on the map, you can see the schedule for the day and evaluate if you can use it depending on your time frame.


Book Conference Rooms Directly or In Advance

Conference rooms can be booked directly or in advance with just a few clicks by using Flowscapes' mobile app, web application, Outlook Plug-in or Conference Room Scheduling Displays. By using the Room booking wizard or filter functionality, you can search for the most suitable meeting room depending on equipment needed, number of seats required and location preference.

Meeting room booking through smartphone

Find Your Scheduled Conference Room Within Seconds

Flowscapes Wayfinding functionality allow employees to find Conference Rooms within seconds. Before a meeting, a reminder will appear on all the participant’s desktop and in their Flowscape mobile app with the location of the conference room. The app and Kiosk screen have a built-in Wayfinder that guides you to the meeting room. Booked conference rooms are always easily accessible through the Flowscape app under “booked resources”.

User with wayfinding feature in mobile app

Integrate With Your Existing Calendar System

Flowscape outlook plug-in not only helps you book a room, but it also guides you to select the optimum room using our scoring system, which prioritizes them from the best to the least suited. You just choose when you need the conference room and which equipment you require, the solution will then find a room which matches your preferences. Invite participants to your meeting, and they will be able to find the location of the conference room in the smartphone app or webapp with just one click.

conference room booking outlook

Eliminate Ghost Bookings with Check-in Functionality

Flowscapes’ solution can require attendees to check-in before the meeting starts, either from the app, by email or by using Conference Room Scheduling Displays. You can select when the reminder is sent out and when the check-in time ends. When the check-in grace period ends, the conference room becomes available for others to book.

Philips meeting room booking panel

Show Availability of Your Drop-in Rooms

Flowscapes’ Conference Room scheduling software also includes solutions for the non-bookable rooms, which are designated for ad hoc meetings. If you install a Flowscape sensor in the room, the status is indicated on the map, so you know which rooms are available without having to walk around searching. Install our Busy Lights outside these rooms so availability can be shown at a distance.

outside phone booth

Add Room Scheduling Displays for Effective Conference Room Management

Make the Conference Room schedule visible for everyone and create an effective work environment. If you prefer a physical meeting room display, Flowscape’s elegantly designed displays have a high-resolution touch screen and a surrounding LED light which indicates the availability of the meeting room. Alternatively, Flowscape can install stand-alone busy lights outside the meeting rooms to visually indicate the room’s availability.

Flowscape Room Panels room booking system

Request Cleaning or Report Equipment Errors

If you notice that something in the conference room does not work properly, you can use the mobile app to report the problem in Flowscape’s housekeeping system and the information will be sent to the nominated person. Colleagues will see a warning triangle on the FlowMap, and will be able to re-schedule if needed.

Conference room fault reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Flowscapes’ Conference Room Scheduling System shows which rooms are the most popular and which services are in-demand. If you add our presence sensors, you will obtain detailed utilization data for each conference room, and if you opt for our people counting sensors, you will be able to compare the number of attendees against the capacity of the respective rooms for each meeting.

Space management software showing analytics data

Key functionalities of having a Room Booking System


Our 3D interactive maps will display all office resources and meeting spaces with clear color indications. Flowscape is the acknowledged market leader in terms of quality, user-friendliness, adaptability, and function.

Flexible Bookings

Meeting Rooms can be booked directly or in advance by using our Mobile App, Web App, Outlook plug-in, Room Displays, or Kiosk Screens. A very easy and user-friendly way to schedule and book meetings.

Calendar Integration

Integrate Flowscapes Room Scheduling Software and Booking System into your existing calendar system. Flowscapes solution will automatically select the best meeting or conference rooms and rank them based on their suitability for your requirements.


The built-in Wayfinder in the mobile app and Kiosk Screen shows the most optimal route to all office resources. Personal bookings can be easily accessed through "My Bookings" in the Flowscape app.

Fault Reporting

Employees can send fault reports directly to property managers, cleaning staff, or reception with the mobile app.


Require Check-in to validate bookings either via email, push notification or Room Display.

Hardware for scheduling conference rooms

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