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Flowscape Pet Booking

Manage Dog-in-office shifts, minimize disruptions and create frictionless workflows

The First Pet Booking Solution for Hybrid Workplaces

Allow pet owners to bring their dogs with them back to the office! Flowscape introduces the first booking tool optimized for dog owners in hybrid work environments. The solution is easy-to-use and customizable after your needs - and allows management to control both density and workflows to minimize disruptions.

With Flowscape Pet Booking Solution, you can:

  • Increase the employee experience with a dog-friendly office
  • Attract top talents and make your business stand out
  • Reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Manage Dog-in-office shifts and create frictionless workflows
  • Integrate pet-booking with Flowscape’s Hot Desking System

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Our Pet Booking Solution

Increase the employee experience

Add an extra benefit to your employees that make your business stand out against competition. Providing a Dog-friendly office also helps pet-owners manage hybrid work schedules more effectively which increases the overall employee experience.

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Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity

Make your office fun and enjoyable. Dogs can add an element of levity and break up monotonous routines. Dogs also contribute to a healthy work balance and motivates employees to take consistent breaks during the workdays which decreases stress and improves both well-being and productivity.

Increase the employee experience with a Dog Friendly office

Manage Dog-in-office shifts

To create a frictionless workflow, make sure that the welcoming of dogs in the office doesn't disrupt employees' workflows. Flowscape makes it easy to manage sanitation, altercations and overcrowding of pets by enabling dog-in-office shifts. Simply select how many booking slots you want available and prevent having too many dogs at the office at once. Flowscape also provides housekeeping functionality making it easy to send cleaning requests to your selected destination when needed.

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Integrate to Flowscape’s Hot Desking System

Flowscape’s pet Booking system is easy to use and can be integrated to your existing Hot Desking solution with no disruption to your employee’s daily workflow. With just a few clicks, employees can reserve a spot for their dog or book on behalf of others, for any time span of choosing.

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Dog-Friendly Neighborhoods

Add structure and sercurity in your office by creating dog friendly zones so employees know where dogs are allowed.

Allergy zones

Give employees with allergies security by creating allergy zones where they can work without any dogs in close proximity.

Flexible bookings

Book dog spaces from the desktop or mobile app, simply press on the desired dog spot on the map to book it. You can book a space for the entire day, or for several hours. If you need to cancel your booking, you can then easily cancel via the app.

Dog-in-office shifts

Choose freely how many dog spots you want to have available, eliminating risks of overcrowding.

Dog-Friend Finder

See colleague’s future dog space bookings and help your pets create new friendship bonds by booking spaces for the same days.


Make sure that the office is cleaned and managed after a dog visit. Use the housekeeper function to report accidents or request cleaning if needed.

Flowscape Pet Booking in 15 Seconds

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