Jan 22, 2021

Flowscape expands in New Zeeland

Three people having a meeting and smiling in an open meeting area with a Philips room panel in landscape mode showing the meeting room as booked.

A large global consulting company is growing their Flowscape installation to their office in New Zealand. The total order value is 310 kSEK the first year and thereafter 110 kSEK annually

“We have very good collaboration with this customer, and we received fantastic feedback before Christmas that the Flowscape solution is critical for them during the pandemic. This order is a confirmation that we make a difference in supporting the customers strategy for a safe return to their offices. With this installation we reach more than 30 countries for the same customer, a proof that we can deliver globally” says Peter Reigo, CEO and founder.

How to safely return to work following a Global Pandemic

The customer already has two large installations in Australia and are now expanding in the region to New Zealand. Flowscape delivers a room booking solution with room panels, room sensors, mobile app, web app, Outlook plugin and kiosk screen. The installation also includes Flowscape's Covid-19 adapted desk booking solution with the possibility to block workplaces to limit the maximum number of people in the office any given day. After the pandemic, the solution will support employees in their planning on when to work at the office and when to work outside of the office. The customer also ordered Flowscape's smart solution for finding colleagues in the office and the statistic functionality.