Jul 30, 2021

Flowscape strengthens its offer in workplace booking

Automate each desk’s availability status in your co working spaces with automatic desk check-in.

During Q2, Flowscape has released new innovative functions with the goal of streamlining the flows in the office, to further meet employees needs when more people continue working a few days a week from home. The new features are the first in a series of updates planned during the year to meet the market's expanded requirements.

The second quarter's system release was mainly aimed at further strengthening Flowscape's SaaS solution for efficient management of desk bookings. In the past year, desk management has been the fastest growing segment in Smart office solutions, which places new demands on both user-friendliness and functions. During Q2, Flowscape released advanced booking rules, to direct teams to certain zones, as well as a calendar function, in the mobile apps, for easy booking of workplaces in the future.

“The new features, which we presented in the release, follow the demands we see from customers today. As flexible work becomes more common, new tools are needed to be able to see their colleagues' future bookings, so that you can plan workshops and collaboration more efficiently. That we have succeeded in developing this in such a short time indicates that we have a good development capacity within the company and a good collaboration between development and sales.” says Joakim Hanusek, CTO at Flowscape.

Advanced booking rules enable managers and administrators to manage where employees can book spaces, as well as which employees can book for others. The authorization can be given to all employees, specific departments or teams. Advanced booking rules, or "Flowscape Rules" can be used to earmark specific areas in the offices to certain groups and thereby control both the density and the use of office space. Flowscape also introduces the "Book for others" feature, which allows managers to book desks for their teams when collaboration in the office is needed. This ensures that teams can sit together when collaborating and makes it easier for managers to handle team building and workshops.

“Booking rules have become an essential cornerstone to enable flexible work, especially for our larger customers. Dividing office space depending on the department or team has been a highly demanded and we clearly notice that booking rules can be decisive in a purchase decision. With this release, we ensure that we continue to be one of the leading companies in the smart office segment,” says Peter Reigo, CEO of Flowscape.

Flowscape also updates its app for both Android and iOS by introducing a new calendar feature that allows users to see future desktop bookings directly on the map, which can be used to plan trips to the office or to ensure the user gets a booked seat next to their colleague. Users can now select the date in the smartphone app and see all bookings made for the current day and book a desired desk.

“The calendar function has been available for our web app since Q1 2021 and has been a much-appreciated function for efficient planning and for finding colleagues. Today, it is a necessary function for dealing with the problems that arise as fewer people are in the offices. The fact that we are now releasing the same function for our mobile app is a natural step to further improve the user experience in our products. ” Says Joakim Hanusek, CTO at Flowscape.

In addition to these system updates, Flowscape also releases language support for German, an advanced analysis portal, improved parking solution and support for the latest Microsoft Intunes mobile security solution.

For additional information, please contact: 

Peter Reigo
CEO, Flowscape
Cellphone: +46 (0) 70 942 4687
E-mail: peter.reigo@flowscapesolutions.com

About Flowscape Technology AB

Flowscape is a Prop-Tech company with a world-leading solution for social distancing in the office, optimization of office space and a more efficient workday. The solution uses the latest IoT sensors and indoor positioning technology to create a state of the art SaaS solution for smart offices. The main function, Flowmap, gives companies an overview of the office and enables them to quickly find rooms, desks, office equipment and colleagues as well as analysis of the use of the spaces. Flowscape also has a communication tool for efficient geo fence specific communication to people in a building or people within an area in the event of a crisis. Flowscape has offices in Stockholm (headquarters), Sofia, San Francisco and London.