Jan 14, 2022

Flowscape wins large smart office solution deal in USA

A leading American video game company has chosen the Flowscape solution for four of their offices in the USA and Europe. After carefully evaluating 10 solutions, Flowscape was
chosen as the
strongest, to support them in their new hybrid way of working. The order value in the first year is 141,000 USD (1,300,000 SEK) and thereafter 65,000 USD (600,000 SEK) annually recurring.

We are very pleased that this customer, who after a very careful evaluation, chose
Flowscape as the strongest smart office solution in the American market. After scanning the market, they selected 10 companies for a deeper evaluation. After several demos and meetings, as well as questionnaires and reference calls to some of our existing customers, Flowscape was chosen as the best solution. Their motivation was:

In line with our business, user friendliness is essential to get our users to like the tool. Flowscape stood out with their intuitive and cool user interfaces. The 3D map is like a video game. Many of their functions for the new hybrid way of working are more advanced than the competitors and they are truly ahead of the market. Their large global references also gave them very good feedback about the solution but also their way of working in partnership with their customers.

This feedback confirms what I hear after almost every customer demo. Flowscape, has the market's strongest smart office solution for the new hybrid way of working. Says Magnus Arildsson, Regional Manager North America, Flowscape.

The solution will be installed at the customer's offices in the United States and in Europe totaling 136 meeting rooms, 915 desks and 17,000 square meters of office space.

The delivery includes Flowscape's advanced solution for meeting room and Hot Desking, which supports the new hybrid way of working where staff can decide for themselves which days they are in the office and work from home.

With Flowscape's smart USB desk sensors, users will be able to choose whether they want to book a desk in advance or just go into the office and take a free one. The USB sensor is cost-effective, very easy to install and has functions such as automatic check-in to the desk, warning if the user docks their laptop at a booked desk, measurement of presence and the ability to detect who is sitting at the desk and if the person is there. Presence sensors are also installed in the non-bookable rooms, to easily show on the map if they are busy or not.