Aug 2, 2021

What companies can gain from a hybrid workplace

three women having a meeting in a modern hybrid office space.

Hybrid working is becoming more prominent in our work culture and is estimated to be the most common working model within the next few years. Even though hybrid working can create some challenges when first adapted, companies have a lot to gain from this working model, in this blog post, we will present some of the key benefits.

What is hybrid working?

Hybrid working has been increasingly more common during the last decade but reached its peak in popularity during the covid-19 pandemic. At its core, hybrid working simply means working from different locations, or giving employees the ability to change work environment depending on the circumstances. For example, a hybrid workplace could allow employees to work partly from home and partly from the office or allow employees to freely select between different offices to work from. It can be combined in many ways and is not specific to a certain title or industry. Read more about it here.

The key benefits of hybrid work

There are many pros that has been lifted in regard to hybrid working. Here are some of the key benefits.

Hybrid working and increased productivity

In contrast to popular belief, hybrid working can actually increase the productivity of the employees. When workers are in the comfort of their own home, many report that they can work on their tasks more effectively without distractions or interruptions by other employees. It can also increase the overall productivity and management in the employee’s personal life, some home tasks can for example be handled during breaks in the workday, increasing the overall balance between personal life and work life.

Companies have a lot to gain from this increased productivity, and employees who can better balance their regular lives with work generally perform better regarding their work tasks.

Hybrid working and increased employee satisfaction

As we mentioned above, employees can gain a lot from a hybrid work model in regard to productivity and work-life balance. This in turn can dramatically increase the employee satisfaction. Many employees report decreased stress when working in accordance with a hybrid work model, which makes the work force more satisfied with their company at large. Hybrid work will most likely be one of the key offerings to attract top talents to your business as more and more will expect this kind of offering.

Hybrid working opens the door for more talent

Traveling long distances to the office will be more accepted by employees if they can work partly from home. This in turn opens the possibility to employ people who live farther away from the office, hence increasing the pool of workers to choose from. Providing employees with the option to work hybrid can greatly increase your ability to hire suitable workers within your field.

Hybrid working and reducing costs for office space

When more people work from home, their will be less need for an office that can hold all employees at once. Businesses can save substantial costs in regard to office space. The costs of leasing contracts stand for a large portion of a company’s expenditure. Potentially, a company can save thousands of dollars per employee each year by providing hybrid working arrangements.

Enhancing trust between management and employees

Hybrid working models places a lot of trust on the employees and receiving that trust from an employer can greatly enhance the relationship between the parties. Employees with managers that truly believe that they can take personal responsibility for their work tasks generally perform better and excel quicker in their work life. Having agency and power over one’s own workflow is an effective way to create a good relationship between management and workers.

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