Jun 17, 2022

Large Flowscape customer continues global rollout

Employees who are comfortable discussing concerns with their co-workers are more likely to produce better work and understand important policies

To adapt to the new hybrid way of working, one of Flowscape's global customers continues to roll out the solution to even more offices. Therefore, the number of user licenses is increased to 15,000. The order value in the first year is SEK 1,070,000 (EUR 100,000) and thereafter SEK 140,000 (EUR 13,100) annually.

“This customer is at the forefront of the transformation to the new hybrid way of working. The management has launched a policy that employees all over the world should be able to continue working half the time from home. In line with this policy, Flowscape's hybrid office solution is now being implemented throughout the company. We are very pleased to see how our new solutions are rolled out on this large scale and the number of user licenses will probability continue to grow during the year, as more and more offices around the world join Flowscape's solution.” says Peter Reigo, CEO and founder.

The customer is a company with more than 100,000 employees in over 150 countries. Flowscape is an important part of the customer's new office concept, for the new hybrid way of working, where remote work will be allowed up to half the time.

Flowscape's solution is used for efficient booking of desks, booking of conference rooms but also for the employees to plan when they will be in the office, where they are sitting and share this information with their colleagues. All to promote cooperation between colleagues. The accurate analytics that the customer receives from the system are also necessary input for how the offices will be rebuilt in the coming years.