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Unbeatable office 3D overview

Experience your office in a new way

The FlowMap

Unbeatable office overview with our 3D map. All Office resources are easy to find and booking has never been easier.

The Best User Interface on the Market

The FlowMap is unlike other office maps, an exact 3D replica of your office. All Office resources are easy to find and availability is shown with clear color indication. Users can easily switch between zones, floors, buildings and even countries. Filter after specific equipment and availability to find the best match.

The best part of our FlowMap

  • Exact replica of your office space
  • The best 3D map on the market
  • Clear color indication for resource availability
  • Easy navigation between floors, buildings and even countries
  • Filter functionality for easy browsing
  • Effectice wayfinding

Flowscape's mobile app office overview

Completely customizable after your needs

Our FlowMap allows you to create any bookable resource you might need. Select from our existing bank of resources, such as desks, meeting rooms and parking spaces. It is also possible to add zones for easier navigation across floors. If you allow a certain number of dogs at the office, make it possible for pet owners to book a space for their dog as well!

Flowscape also allows for specific rule settings, allowing you to only make certain bookable resources available for a specific department or group of employees.

Examples of bookable resources include

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Desks
  • Parking Spaces
  • Dog Spaces
  • Bikes
  • Lockers

Bookable Assets

Find the resources you need

Resources can be booked with a few clicks directly or in advance. The booking wizard selects the most suitable desk, room or parking space depending on the equipment you need and your location preference.

Flowscape's web app

Never get lost again

All resources on the map are available to be found in a few seconds with the Wayfinding feature. Simply click on a resource and the map will show you the directions.

Conference room wayfinding Flowmap

See where your colleagues are

With a quick glance you can easily see which desk your colleagues have booked for the day. It’s also possible to set the map to a future date, see which desk your colleague or team has booked, and book a desk for yourself as well. This is a perfect way to quickly find a colleague in a hybrid workplace. If you wish to work low key one day, you can simply turn off your visibility status and your name tag won’t appear on the map.

overview map iOS

Easy to edit with MapEditor

With one of our latest tools, MapEditor, it is now easier than ever to make changes or updates to your office environment.


Key functionalities


Our unbeatable 3D interactive maps will display all office resources as an exact replica of your office. It's never been easier to find your way around the office and book the resources you need.

Flexible bookings

Book your resource from the desktop or mobile app. You can book a desk for the entire day, future day, or for selected hours. Find meeting rooms with your exact preferences.


The built-in Wayfinder in the mobile app shows the most optimal route to all office resources.

Let's find the perfect solution for you

Our solution experts will design optimum Space Management Solution to not only match your digital workplace requirements today - but also anticipates the future needs of your business with relevant space data and get a better picture of your space allocation.

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