Oct 13, 2022

A guide to transitioning to the Hybrid workplace

Before transitioning to a Hybrid model there are some considerations to be made, and this is your guide to making a steadfast transition to the workplace of the future.

The hybrid workplace model is popular, effective and the system of choice for many companies. It is likely that this will be the case for the foreseeable future. The model is easy to implement and is the most favorable option amongst most employees. Plus, it increases productivity, leaving CEOs and workers alike content.

Before transitioning to a Hybrid model there are some considerations to be made, and this is your guide to making a steadfast transition to the workplace of the future.

Choose a hybrid workplace platform to assist you in your transition.

Flowscape is an internationally acclaimed company that has achieved paramount success in helping companies facilitate the switch to the Hybrid workplace model. Consider engaging the platform today.

Redefine the role of the physical office space.

It is critical for CEOs to understand the value and place of their physical office space. Randstad’s Workmonitor 2021 research indicates that 78% of employees want to go back to the workplace on either a part-time or full-time basis. This means that company owners need to understand what the function of their physical workplace is.

What is the optimum role of your workplace for your staff? Is it a place to maximize productivity? A cultural hub? It’s important to understand when employees absolutely need to be there and factor that into office booking and scheduling capacities on your workplace platform. This can also help you determine the size and capacity of your physical workspace.

Consider the measures in place that will generate equity amongst employees. In other words, create a system that ensures that remote workers have access to the same kinds of promotions and opportunities that in house workers do.

Increase security and IT support.

As the transition to more online working has increased as a result of the pandemic, the threats to cloud systems have proliferated. Part of adopting the hybrid work model means investing in the appropriate digital server protections and ensuring that you have quick-turn around IT support available to all of your employees. This piece can greatly affect the output of your company, so it should become a top priority as you implement the change.

Equip your company with more digital assets.

Which applications or software will create the best working experience for employees? Acquire everything you need to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Get creative!

There is a looming fear that if you switch your company to a hybrid model all company culture will be lost. This doesn’t have to be the case! It’s worthwhile to think about how to repurpose your company’s physical space, schedule monthly social or team building gatherings or enrichment opportunities for your staff.

Lastly, don’t waste time hanging on to archaic workplace models out of fear of change. It’s a great time to embrace the work ways of the future today! For further support, explore Flowscape’s products and activate the change you need to keep your employees happy. We wish you the best of luck!

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