Mar 2, 2022

Enhance productivity in a hybrid work environment

As the Hybrid workplace model increases in popularity, it’s important to know how to enhance and maximize productivity with this hybrid work model.

As theHybrid workplace model increases in popularity, it’s important to know how to enhance and maximize productivity with this hybrid work model. Here are the top five most efficient practices to get the most out of your hybrid team and the hybrid work environment you have created for your employees.

1. Desk Management for a hybrid work model

Flowscape offers this feature on its platform to allow employees to book their desk space in advance. This can mitigate overcrowding, and double booking, and allow companies to enforce social distancing as we exit the pandemic. One way to optimize this feature is by integrating the use of thedesk presence sensor. The sensor will mark desk spaces as booked when the spaces are occupied and this will be reflected in the desk management platform. By applying the use of this product employees have to do less to keep the workflow intact, and it also makes it mush easier for the remote workers to come in to the office and book a desk when needed, maybe for a team collaboration.

Another way to optimize desk management for a hybrid work model is by using an app that allows employees to check-in and out of their desks. This can help managers keep track of who is in the office and where they are supposed to be. The app can also send notifications to employees when their desk is about to expire so they can find a new desk. This can help companies save money on office space and improve the flow of traffic in the office.

Just by adding this tool alone, it can give the employees a better work life balance and boost productivity.

Flowscape Desk Management

2. Parking Spot Booking

This feature can help mitigate conflict with neighbouring businesses and amongst employees in the workplace. By having the ability to book parking spaces in advance, employees can enjoy the luxury of having a secure place to park their cars. This also allows employees to plan their commute more efficiently in tandem with the desk management feature.

In addition, this can help businesses keep track of employee vehicles and enforce parking regulations if need be. Businesses have the ability to see when space is booked and for how long, as well as customize the parking rules, to suit their needs. This helps organisations keep their parking areas tidy and running smoothly even when employees are using the same space.

Booking a parking space in advance can save you time and hassle, as well as give you peace of mind, especially in a hybrid work environment when you maybe are in the office some days and other days you work remotely. It is also very convenient when you might be work remotely part of the day, and you want to make sure their is a parking spot available for when you get to the office, which eliminates the need to search for a parking space when you arrive at your destination. This can be especially useful if you are visiting a crowded area or if you have mobility issues.

To use this feature, simply select the ‘Book Parking’ option in the parking management solution. You will then be able to search for parking spaces by location, date and time. Once you have found a suitable space, you can book it by clicking on the ‘Book’ button. With the Parking Management solution, finding a suitable parking space at the office will no longer be an issue.

Flowscape Parking Management

3. Room Booking System

Meetings and conferences become seamless with the integration of the room booking feature. By booking a room in advance the amount of people gathering in one place is controlled and safe. As with the desk management feature, the room booking feature is best managed with the application of the Room Sensor. The Room Sensor automatically marks a room as occupied once people are gathered in it. Being able to easily and effortless book a room can ensure a smooth workflow and increase productivity.

The room booking feature is simple and easy to use. Booking a room can be done in advance or on the day of the meeting. Simply select the room you want to book, enter the date and time, and confirm your booking. The Room Sensor will automatically mark the room as occupied once people are gathered in it. This ensures that the room is only booked when it is needed and that meetings can start on time.

The room booking system is a great way to increase productivity and efficiency in the hybrid workplace, especially when you also have remote workers that occasionally come in to the office. By being able to book a room in advance, you can avoid any last-minute scrambling or disruptions. Overall, the room booking system is a simple and easy-to-use tool that can make a big difference in the hybrid workplace, and employee productivity.

Flowscape Room Booking Solution

4. Pet Booking

Who doesn’t love bringing their furry friends to the office? Most people would choose to be with their pets all day long if they had the option. The new Pet Booking feature makes this possible by allowing workplace management to oversee the number of pets in the office at any given time. By logging in to this feature you can maximize workflow with your beloved pet by your side, and by doing so improve their care for them as well.

This new feature allows employees to bring their pets to work with them, and also to book time in advance to do so. This helps with planning and organization for both the pet owner and everyone else at the hybrid workplace. It also provides peace of mind for those who are not comfortable around animals, or who have allergies.

The best part about the Pet Booking feature is that it helps to improve communication and collaboration between employees. It’s a great way to get to know your colleagues and build relationships. It also allows for some healthy competition, as people vie for the most popular pet-friendly spots in the office!

So if you’re looking for a way to incorporate your furry friend into your workday for more collaborative work, and probably also better well being among the in office workers, or if you’re just looking for a way to make the hybrid work office a more pet-friendly environment, be sure to check out the new Pet Booking feature. It’s sure to make everyone’s day a little brighter – including your pet.

Flowscape Pet Booking Solution

5. Meeting Room Displays

An additional product that can help manage all of the above features is the integration of room displays. This can vary from displays outside of actual rooms to an actual kiosk that can be placed in the workplace lobby. The kiosk room display has a menu where all of the above

features can be accessed so that employees can make adjustments as needed without having to be on their personal devices. All updates are reflected in real-time to maintain a stable workflow.

This is especially beneficial for companies with a high volume of meeting rooms or those that have remote workers that sometime come in to the office, so that they easily can get a good overview, or if you have employees that are constantly on the move. Having a room display gives employees the ability to see which rooms are available and for how long so that they can plan their time accordingly. It also eliminates the need for someone to physically check the availability of a room, which can save time and resources.

Room displays can also be used to show company-wide announcements or information that needs to be communicated to everyone in the organization. This can be a great way to disseminate important information without interrupting workflow or having to send out mass emails.

If you have implemented hybrid work and are looking for a way to improve communication and collaboration in your hybrid workplace, integrating room displays is a great solution.

Flowscape Meeting Room Displays

If your workplace requires it, the integration of locker booking can be added to the above features to ensure all employee items are kept safe and secure during the work shift.

This can be a great addition to any hybrid workplace that requires it. By integrating locker booking into your workplace, you can help to keep your employees' belongings safe and secure while they are working. This can help to reduce the amount of theft that occurs in the workplace, and it can also help to keep your employees' belongings organized.

It can also help to reduce the amount of clutter in the workplace. By allowing your employees to book their own locker, they can choose to keep their belongings in a specific area that is designated for them. This can help to keep the workplace organized and tidy, and it can also help to reduce the amount of time that is spent searching for things.

Locker booking can also help to improve the morale of your employees. By giving them the ability to book their own locker, they will feel more empowered and in control of their work environment. This can help to increase their productivity and motivation, and it can also help to reduce the amount of stress that they feel.

By integrating the top five features all hybrid workplaces will surely run efficiently, allowing companies to maximize productivity and ensure continued success.

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