Aug 17, 2021

What companies can gain from a conference room scheduling system

Conference room scheduling system is becoming a must-have solution for large corporations. Here are some of the key benefits with a scheduling system.

Conference room scheduling systems has been an appreciated technology within smart office solutions and is becoming a must-have solution for large corporations. Meetings take up a lot of time in employees day-to-day work and finding ways to manage meetings more effectively can save companies valuable working hours and property costs. In this blog post, we will go over some of the key benefits of adapting a conference room scheduling system.

Conference scheduling systems saves valuable time

Employees spend on average 15 minutes a day looking for conference rooms. A conference scheduling system can greatly decrease this number. Overall companies can save their employees 65 hours a year performing unnecessary tasks. This is generally made possible by providing tools which gives employees a clear overview of their office space, together with easy and well-integrated booking tools.

An interactive 3D map is an effective way to give your employees a full overview over all conference rooms in your office. Employees can see directly what is available, for how long it’s available, and can book directly from their smartphone, it does not get any easier than that. Because a conference room scheduling system is built on smart integration and communication, double booking can be easily avoided. The easier a system is for a user, the more effective it becomes.

Conference scheduling system filter after the most suitable rooms

Conference rooms are not all the same, they often vary in size and equipment present. Additionally, the location of the conference rooms plays a vast role in how time efficiently employees can move between meetings. Without a conference room scheduling system, there is no effective way of knowing what equipment is present in the room, or even the size or the location of the room! This can result in employees arriving to their conference room only to find out that it does not have the equipment for a video conference call, or that it is too small to keep a safe distance between employees.

Conference room scheduling systems usually has built in filtering capabilities, where employees select their conference room criteria during the booking process. This allows the system to sort out all irrelevant rooms directly, so they are not even presented as an option. This greatly enhances the booking experience and makes conference rooms more available for everyone that needs them. A filtering function can also prioritize meeting rooms on a specific floor, so employees don’t have to move between floors just to get a suitable meeting room. Overall, this saves valuable time and helps your company comply to covid-19 security

Enable wayfinding to all your conference rooms

Even if we manage to book a conference room that suits our qualifications, it can be a real hassle to find it when the meeting starts. Room names generally don’t indicate where they are located, and if there are multiple conference room on each floor, employees might need to walk up and down the aisles, checking each name to find the correct one.

With a conference room scheduling system, everyone invited to the meeting will get notified directly in the app, with the option to view the rooms’ location and wayfind to it. You can also use Kiosk screens where employees can search for the conference rooms name and view the best route to the destination.  

Get valuable statistics on your conference rooms

Have your ever wondered how much your conference rooms are actually used? Without a
conference room scheduling system, its almost impossible to know how often conference rooms are booked, what percentage of bookings turn into ghost bookings and if your company has a problem with double bookings.

With a conference room scheduling system, you can produce valuable statistics on the usage of your conference rooms, and in turn optimize your office
layout. Ghost meetings can be effectively measured by using modern sensor technology that measures the presence in each conference room, indicating if meeting rooms are actually used upon booking, or maybe if employees tend to use meeting rooms without bookings. Statistics about conference room usage is the most effective way to reduce office space and save money on property costs.

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